Ford Carlisle 2012

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  1. Ill be there, may even have my car
  2. I don't think you even have to ask if I'll be there Ryan, lol.

    I need to get on the ball and book my room and pre-register...
  3. Im in as usual.
  4. i think we're going to book the hotel this week.
  5. I have never been down there! I have heard a lot bout it since its only 4 or 5 hours from me. I should go check it out this year!
  6. With stops and meet ups I would say it takes me about 51/2 and its well worth it. PM myself or Prokiller if you need info or have questions. We have a good group of SN guys that meet up every year. Hotel link already posted by prokiller. Ryan I know tom, jimmy and sammy are a go. possibly one or two lightnings also. Guess I better hit up a room.
  7. If everything is all set with my car before the registration date goes by then I'd like to make a trip down there. Crossing my fingers that everything works out well once its started up and then maybe I can make it down there. Id like to go Ive never been.
  8. That would be great Travis, If Im not mistaken Charlie might be making the haul again this year. Im sure he wouldnt mind having another stang to cruise with. I havent spoke to him lately but Ill give him a call to see what his plans are.
  9. I may def have to make the trip. I will talk to a few buddys round home here i may be able to find 3 or 4 of us to meet up with you guys!!! Where about do you guys usally meet up at??
  10. We all stay at the same hotel so meeting up is not an issue. We catch each other at the fairgrounds on friday also. Would be nice to increase the stangnet showing this year.
  11. I'm in the process now of getting the remainder of the parts that I did not get at the end of the summer last year. Getting the rearend rebuilt soon and putting that back in and getting the headers coated and installed along w/ the rest of the exhaust system and putting on a new alternator and power steering pump and that's all of it. As long as I dont run into any major issues then I should be all set. I'll know more towards march as far as how things are going to pan out.
  12. Charlie might be coming? i assume to bring his new one again. i still have yet to see his SN
  13. I saw his SN in person one time, about 5-6 years ago, I think it was at FFW Norwalk.
  14. Ive seen it a few times at the show in NH
  15. I'm in of course. Been working on buying a house so I think we may have messed up on the hotel room. Troy told me today they were booked. Ryan, did you get yours?
  16. Just booked the usual for the ne group. I guess I better get working on the stang so I dont have to ride shotgun lol.
  17. i'm in and room is booked too, so glad to be in same hotel again
  18. just book our room at the residence. staying sunday night too. looks like we get an extra night together this year.
  19. Yeah Im actually glad that I wont have to rush out of there sunday. Should be able to get some good pics at the end of the day Sunday.