Ford Carlisle 2012

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  1. BOOOOO guess I'm going to be missing it yet again this year...although my car is going to Kevin Hand on Saturday the 2nd for the tune, so its not a total loss! Next year I'll be there for sure!
  2. Awesome! Glad to hear you finally got the NPI motor and auto in the car. ;)
  3. what is an npi?
  4. Its the 4.6 cylinder and intake upgrade, not sure if there is a cam included in that as well. Or it could be just heads as far as I know, I'm not up to speed on the 4.6's as much. Its kind of like the equivalent of GT40 heads on a 5.0
  5. :lol:

  6. I actually meant non-pi (NPI) as in the bone stock motor out of a slower than molasses 96-98 gt, lol.

    Damn Internet always masks sarcasm.
  7. well i know what pi is but the n thru me
  8. Yes thats right lol. The sad sorry 96-98 GT's
  9. some more pieces showed up 4 caliper covers i cant wait to put them on
  10. Well, started working on the car today. No new updates, just trying to get her ready for the trip. I have been so out of the loop lately with the house and all. Sometime after Carlisle the car is going back under the knife, completion date Carlisle 2013 (like Rich, lol).
  11. Tom I wish you weren't so far from Pittsburgh, I'd honestly really like to lend a hand on the pace car. I say someday we all pick a place and move in next to each other and have a badass neighborhood. Ah, I could just imagine not getting hateful looks from my neighbors every time I fire up my car lol.
  12. Oh and Troy, good call on the caliper covers! Those are definitely one of the most badass mods for these cars. You should put caliper covers on your caliper covers, twice as sick.
  13. great thanks i'll order 2 more sets do you want me to get you some too?
  14. do it Dan! they have assembly bolts....
  15. well gents, we're still coming regardless but it looks like the car may not make it. got a call from my body shop saying the car is done but it's "pissing" coolant. got it home with white smoke coming out the exhuast. head gasket....again. got most of it tore down last night but not heads off yet. if they need to be milled i just can't see getting it done in 2 days. only time will tell.
  16. Thank god I'm 99.99% sure my car will be ready, the stangnet crew's cars are dropping like flies this year! Is paul bringing his car? It's looking like it'll just be me, Tom and Troy bringing cars this year.

    Ryan are you still going to give it a shot to try and fix it or are you throwing in the towel? I don't blame you if you surrender, if I blew a head gasket my car would be staying home. Of course, I'm also completely burnt out on working on this car by now, lol.
  17. I'll be there next year, just feel a few weeks short this year of getting the car running and tuned. Its running now, just need to change a rear caliper that is leaking and bleed the system and should have it tuned mid june when a scrape together the funds for a new tune.

    Prokiller how many head gaskets have you blown?
  18. No Power Improvments

  19. i've thrown in the towel. yesterday didn't pan out and so there is no possible way to get it done at this point. can't even get the gaskets i need at this point. But on a good note, since i'm stripping it down looks like i might be getting some new heads.
  20. Well, totally this will be the 4th time for this car in the time i've owned, it which is going on 9 years now. but the "...again" was more in reference to having them blown last year before the SSOTN race. I think i never had it completely fixed once they blew at that point. I had only taken the driver's side head off because there was no evidence that the pass side went. So this time i'm tearing them both off and doing it right. Just happens that it couldn't make it another week till after carlisle to blow though. and it's not even that bad of a blow. i drove it home close to 30 miles before it used up enough coolant to heat up. but at this point i just can't justify taking the risk of driving it to carlisle. plus would be embarrassing to pull in puffing white smoke!