Ford Carlisle 2012

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  1. yeah dont blame you there at all. The woah's of having boost...... its a double edge sword
  2. Ryan, that sucks, I was looking forward to seeing the new look in person.

    Look at it this way though, better for that head gasket to blow near your house than far from home at Carlisle.
  3. at least it will be less stressful weekend. and i might be getting better heads anyway so here's hoping it works out for the better
  4. Have fun!!!
  5. where are all the pics? , i had a great time hangin out with everyone and cant wait til the next show
  6. Definitely a great time. Nice seeing you all again and hanging out. Which reminds me, Troy, send me your email address.
  7. ok i'll send it from work tomorrow, where did the weekend go ? went way to fast this year