Ford Centennial Edition GT

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  1. Ford has said it will build no more than 3,000 of these cars. The Centennial Package is added to a GT Coupe or Convertible Premium with the Ford Motor Company 100 Badges in place of the GT emblems and all are black exterior and a Medium Parchment two tone all leather interior with Centennial Logos embossed in the front seatbacks. Does this qualify as a Special Production?

  2. Yes It Should

    Since there will only be just 3000 produced and all will be the same, then YES, they are a Limited Production Mustang. :nice:
  3. They sure are a limited production car, and I just got one yesterday!

  4. Coupe or Convertible?

    Did you get the coupe or the convertible?

    I hope you didn't get mine, Ford hasn't shipped my convertible to me yet! I can't wait!


    Photo taken by the author on June 13, 2003 at the Ford Centennial Celebration in Dearborn, MI
  5. It's the convertible with a 5-speed!
  6. That might be mine!

    Damn that's just like mine...I think! Did you get the Interior Upgrade and/or the Mach 1000 Sound System?
  7. It has the standard interior and the MACH 460 sound system.
  8. TTT :worship:
  9. Pretty Close to mine!

    It's a twin but maybe not identical! I won't know until it arrives from Dearborn and I don't know when that will be. The wait is excruciating!

    I haven't heard back from the people in charge of getting me my car so I don't know what options (other than the Centennial Package) are included. I hope it doesn't have the interior upgrade and I don't care if they upgrade the stereo.

  10. Finally!!

    Saturday, August 30th I finally received my Centennial Edition! It only took two and a half months.

    But it was worth the wait! It looks better in person than in the pictures, even the one I took at the Ford Centennial when I saw it for the first time. And except for when it's been raining due to Tropical Storm Grace, the top has been down since I left the dealer on Saturday afternoon.

    Thanks Ford and Entertainment Weekly!!
  11. u think 3000 is a low number?

    try 1048 Bright Atlantic blue made in 1999 and 4979 in 2000

    So a total of 6027... wait 10 years :D

  12. I bought a brand new 99GT Bright Atlantic Blue... loved the color... I knew it was rare, but didn't know quite that rare.. should have held onto that one.... oops
  13. The Actual Production Numers:

    Coupe : 717

    Vert : 1323

    A Rare Mustang indeed.

    I have 1 of the 96 Coupes built with Automatic Trans. :D
  14. Here is my Centennial Edition !

  15. I have official numbers comming from ford. I was told they made more convertables than coupes. I think the guy said they only made 714 coupes. I will post numbers when I get the documentation from ford. This guy said the numbers came from the plant in Dearborn. I should get it in the mail today.
  16. Production Numbers

    Here are the actual production numbers directly from ford. Also you can get them from
    under production numbers.

  17. Sorry about the dead links it has been a long time since I have done this. This one should work, Yeah Right LOL!! Check out the link below for production numbers. These numbers are at too. They are under production numbers.

    Centennial Editions Production Numbers from Ford Motor Co.
  18. Got one here in Albany, NY too... I bought mine 1 year ago tomorrow. I was surprised, they seemed to be very available around here most of last summer. A guy down the street has one too.

    Mine is 5sp conv... LOVE IT! :nice: