Ford Centennial Edition GT

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  1. guy here and new to Stangs.Just got my first one today and it's a Centennial Edition as well. What a great ride!...better yet to be one of 1323 verts made in this edition!

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  2. Great Ride! I love Mine

    Here is a picture of mine.[​IMG]
  3. B-U-tiful!!!! Man,I almost like the coupe more than my vert...not to mention yours is even more rare at 717 production models.
  4. Not that Rare down here!

    You know when I got it 6 months ago I though it was rare, but now I have seen three of them down here in Florida. Thats only in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. It makes you wonder how rare they are? But hey anyways thanks.
  5. I'm sure most of them are congregated in Fla.,TX,AZ and CA. Still rare though.Hold onto her for a while :nice:
  6. I often wondered the same thing "How rare are they? " I know the production numbers, but I know of 5 that were sold in the Albany area. All verts. 1 at Metro Ford in Schenectady, 1 at Orange Ford in Albany (mine :D ), 1 at Crossroads Ford in Ravena NY, 1 at Rhinebeck Ford in Rhinebeck NY and 1 at a Ford Dealer in Hudson NY. Not to mention the one that the guy a couple of streets over from me drives and I don't remember where he got it, but it was not one of these 5. The point I am trying to make is in a 60 mile radius in NY, 5 or 6 verts were sold. As far as I know, mine was the first one purchased in the area, June 6th last year. I grabbed it thinking I would not see another one locally. The others were sold after mine.

    Enough about that.

    Are you guys planning on moding your cars? I am...

    Some items include:

    Steeda Race Wing
    Cobra R Hood
    Mach 1 chin spoiler and grill delete
    FR500 18" Rims in Black
    Steeda Springs (+ CC Plates and probably Illuminas)
    MRT Exhaust
    Steeda Tri-ax
    Steeda CAI
    Acufab TB and Plenum
    MM SFCs

    I have started buying, but no installs yet. And I will be sure to keep all stock parts to put back together in case I ever sell and someone wants it stock...

    Tell me your stories. Where did you buy the cars? What are you planning to do with it?

    Cheers! :nice:
  7. I just plan on a new exhaust,either flowies or magnaflow,3.73 gears,pulleys and new intake. All in due time as funds allow or should I say as the wife allows,lol!!! :nice:

  8. LOL - I suppose - Being single, I do what I want with Money, BUT, I have noone to share the household expenses with. Less Money, More Freedom I guess.... :D
  9. Like everything else there's always pro's/cons,lol!!!! Actually my wife is the greatest. She literally lets me get whatever I want (as long as the extra funds are there). She's actually the one that told me I "needed" the Stang. Ya gotta love a woman like that! :nice:..oh and she has not even asked to drive it. :nice:
  10. Stock Sound

    Now I havent done much research into this, but the sound on the Centenial Edition Stang is different from the regular GT. Is this correct?
  11. No - there was no change to the exhaust on any GT model - including the Premium GT which the Centennial is based on.
  12. I put on a off road h pipe and 4.10 gears go in today! I replaced stock filter with a drop in K&N filter. After the gears I am done. The stock h pipe just bolts right off and off road bolts on. No cutting or welding! I did however weld in some Original 40 series flowmaster mufflers, it sounds so mean now! I have the stock h pipe in my basement. check out my mustang page at the link below.
  13. Sweet!

    Funny I just ordered the Mac H Pipes and the Mils as well. Will be going in Saturday morning. I have to say though I will NEVER get Flowmasters. I dont like thow howling sound they make. I will probably go with stock for now and maybe later on I will change them.
  14. get some gears next!
  15. Do any of you guys know what the "official" color is on our cars? It is a special color, no?

    Centennial Black Clearcoat? (as opposed to the standard Mustang Black - Black Clearcoat)
  16. It is just plain old black.
  17. I love 4.10's :banana: :D :nice: :banana: :banana: :D
  18. Purchased on 07/08/04

    I am also a proud owner of a brand new Centennial Edition Mustang GT Coupe with the Mach 1000 stereo system.

  19. Congrats,let's see some pics of that rare bute!...What I mean in rare is that there was only 717 Centennial coupes produced. :nice:

  20. Congrats!!! Post some pics...