Ford Cobra R rims and Nitto Drag Radials

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  1. I want 18 inch SALEEN wheels for my car so I selling the FORD RACING Cobra R's .
    They have almost NEW Nitto Drag radials on them , maybe 50 miles and one pass at the drag strip
    There VERY sticky tires . The center caps say SVT on them .
    If you have a set of SALEEN rims and want to trade or you want some pic's of my rims send me a e-mail at and well work something out. NO SPAMMER"S and no crack head offers. I will not split rims and tires > sold or traded as a set only .
    The car is parked for the winter so I'm in no hurry to sell them.$300 for the rims $700 with tires .



  2. There still here if anyone is interested.
  3. 3-23-10 > still looking for saleen wheels or a set of 03/04 cobra rims
  4. how much are you looking to get out of them and do you have any pics of them. thanks a lot
  5. I can send pic's to any one who would like to see them just e-mail me at and ask for pic's of the cobra rims and I'll try to get back to you as/ap
  6. cobra r rims.

    what size.what year how much? send me pictures please
  7. 245-45-17 up front / 275-40-17 out back > e-mail me at for pic's
  8. sent you an e-mail
  9. I've got $600 in the tire's people > there NEW on cobra R rims with NEW tires not worth $750.00 ?
  10. $400 for the rims > $750 with tires
  11. rims

    interested in the rims, but what size are they ?
    17 x ?
    e-mail pics to me at

  12. every one replied to > any one else ?
  13. I have a set of 4 NIB Saleen replica wheels, 18x9 I'll sell for $400. I don't really need your wheels/tires in trade.
  14. still for sale > $700> plus shipping
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Not open for further replies.