[Ford contest] We need your vote!

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  1. FYI, people, Ford is watching, so please pop over there and cast your vote. Let's show them what a premier site can really bring to the table!

    Here is the writeup entailing what you need to do next!

    Vote for the Winning Mustang Movie!
  2. if "fully covered" or the "good the bad and the mustang" don't win i give up on voting,
    also numskull,new girl,and down the road were worth watching the rest, are weak IMO!!!

    sad to see the only mustangs are the new or 69-70's
  3. "good the bad and the mustang" :nice:, it got my vote.
  4. I really like the fathers day one, as well as numskull
  5. "good the bad and the mustang" all the way
  6. Keep the votes coming.
  7. hey whats the name of the song at the end of the good the bad and the mustnag
  8. I haven't looked at them all, but I certainly enjoyed Numskull. LOL! Makes me think of myself in 25 years! LOL!