[Ford contest] We need your vote!

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  1. FYI, people, Ford is watching, so please pop over there and cast your vote. Let's show them what a premier site can really bring to the table!

    Here is the writeup entailing what you need to do next!

    Vote for the Winning Mustang Movie!
  2. I wanna know who liked which one. It was tough between about 4 of them, but I had to go with "The Good, the Bad and the Mustang." The final line just sold me.
  3. Good the bad & the Mustang got my vote.
  4. Numskull wins hands down for me. Can anyone name that tune?

    Fathers Day came in a verrrrry close second.

    Fully Covered is in familiar stomping grounds. I wonder how they got the streets cleared to make the clip.

    Thank you Timeless for sharing this great site!
  5. man, there were some real stinkers in there. I would say most of them were sort of embarrassing to watch. I was cringing through most. I dont like movies in general, because they are often so obvious, boring, and disingenuous. I would say that these films fit that bill, but much worse.

    That said, I voted for "Down the Road" by Alejandro Marquez Vela. I liked the philosophy, but the acting by the old man was terrible.

    Also good was "The Good the Bad and the Mustang." "My Father and I" had a good story but slightly obvious.