Ford Dealership in PA Selling 2019GT Blown with 750HP at $39,999


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Nov 29, 1999
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So if you watch Street Speed 717 on YouTube (he has a 2019 McLaren 720S as a daily) Lebanon Ford gave him one of the blown brand new Mustangs to drive around for the day.

Ever since that video I've visited the Lebanon Ford website weekly.

For $40K you get a brand new Mustang with 750HP. Think about that, a brand new heavy ass 707HP Hellcat Challenger or Charger is roughly $60-$75K. It'll cost more if you really want to trick it out.

You get to pick your transmission of choice and after the reviews with the 10 speed Auto I'd probably just get that. After seeing the 2019 GT auto keeping up with a 2018 GT350 it's got me thinking a 2019 is the way to go.

Don't think my wife would approve right now with a kid at college and my insurance already at $7000 per year (went from $2100 to $6800 as soon as I put a 16 year old on the insurance).

Here is the link.

Stage II Intercoolered System:

  • 65-70% Hp gain on pump gas with 8.5 psi boost using P-1SC-1 supercharger with The P1X head unit
  • 3 supercharger and bracket finish options–Satin, Polished, or Black
  • Shared 6 rib supercharger belt drive system
  • OEM quality bolt-on design and finish
  • Belts can be changed without removing supercharger
  • Pulleys can be changed without removing supercharger
  • Standard HO Intercooler, 630 sq in. core, with 75% larger Stage II intercooler upgrade option, 1,103 sq in. core
  • Tuning setup provided, including handheld tuner
  • All brackets, hardware, tubing, flanges, bolts, nuts, etc. needed for complete installation are provided
  • Easy install with common hand tools
  • No cutting of radiator hoses, or trimming of factory coolant fan
  • 100% bolt on and reversible, requires NO permanent modifications to the car.
  • Retains the factory brake cooling ducts
  • Self contained oiling head unit, with CBC billet gear case and impeller
  • 75% larger intercooler 1,103 sq in. core
  • 8-rib dedicated belt drive system for maximum power transfer
  • Fuel system upgrade (booster pump)
  • Cost to install = $8995
  • Custom tunes available for additional cost.
Q. Does the $39,995* price include the car?
A. Yes! The $39,995* price includes a NEW Mustang GT (300A package), ProCharger Supercharger that produces 750HP!

Q. What are the power numbers of the LFP 750 HP Mustang™ with ProCharger Supercharger.
A. 750 HP at the crank.

Q. Is there a warranty on the LFP 750 HP Mustang™
A. There is no warranty available on the LFP 750HP Mustang

Q. What is included with the LFP 750HP HP Mustang™
A. For the list price, you get a base 300A Mustang GT with a manual transmission, the ProCharger Stage 2 Supercharger System, and the tuning kit.

Q. Is the LFP 750 HP Mustang™ emissions legal in all 50 states?
A. The LFP 750 is not currently carbon certified yet. The ProCharger Kit is still waiting for it’s carbon certification. Please call 513-696-1108 for further details.

Q. Can you ship to my City/State?
A. Yes! Fill out the form below and we can get you a shipping quote.

Q. What comes standard on the GT?
A. The 2018 GT comes with pretty amazing standard equipment including dual power seats, HID headlamps, SYNC Bluetooth technology, Reverse camera, and even Ford Track Apps. Please contact us for a complete list of standard features.

Q. Can I add more options or equipment to the LFP 750 HP Mustang™
A. The base GT is just the beginning, we can build your beast on a Premium as well and even go with an auto transmission if that’s your style. Once we have your platform and power level determined, we can do anything from body kits, to wheel/tire combos, upgraded half shafts, adjustable suspensions, and much more. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Q. If I already have a Mustang can you turn it into a LFP Original?
A. If you already have your car and don’t need to purchase a new one, we can help you there as well. Let’s build the one you have!

Q. Can I finance my LFP 750 HP Mustang™?
A. We are able to finance these builds with the vehicle! Although money down is recommended, it is not required! (Pending credit approval).

*Limited time offer. $39,995 promotion not stackable or valid with any other discounts or offers. Contact Performance Specialist for full details.
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I leave the horn on while driving
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Apr 26, 2010
Yeah, they have been offering a package like that for a few years now. Seems like I remember reading that they wanted an affordable option out there for people. It's pretty cool.



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Nov 29, 1999
Boca Raton, Florida
No warranty. 'Nuff said.

Well when I bought my Mustang off the showroom floor years ago I drove it to Steeda before I got home. My Warranty was void an hour after I bought the car. You mod it you lose it.

Keep in mind the GT350 is one if not the best looking Mustang that has ever been made but isn't much faster than a 10 speed 2019 automatic GT. But agree, love the GT350.