Ford Dealerships Don't Reprogram Clusters ?

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  1. For my 05 GT deluxe...I purchased a 6 gauge cluster with the message center buttons from a wrecked 05 premium. The cluster reads 111,xxx miles as opposed to my actual 52xxx mile cluster.

    I pull into the Ford dealer at my appointment time. The tech tells me he can only transfer VIN and build date. In 25 years hes never seen mileage altered on a cluster. After some words, I left with them transferring the vin and build date no mileage.

    Can anyone tell me what to do at this point ? Im not happy looking at the cluster reading an entirely wrong mileage. He told me I have to find a programmer ?
  2. It's true, we didn't program cluster at Ford, we didn't program clusters at Nissan and I assume no dealers program clusters. Think of the tomfoolery that would go on with the slip of a Benjamin. As for the authorized programmers they wont program a cluster without the car being at dealer with verified mileage (as far as I know) You need to find an "authorized" reman cluster distributor/retailer.
  3. Nope, can't do it. Surprised they even worked on it as you just had them help you commit odometer fraud, which is a felony in some states.

    When we order clusters for vehicles, there is a form we fill out with the current mileage on it. The new clusters come programmed with the mileage already. The old clusters are returned to Ford, no questions asked, customer does not to get to keep their old one under any circumstances.

    From Mazda, I also do Mazda parts, we order the cluster, they come at 0 miles and we destroy the old ones. They have a sticker you put on the door jamb indicating the cluster was changed.
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  4. wait... so all i have to do is buy a cluster with fewer miles, take it to Ford, and they'll transfer the VIN over to it? ...why did this never occur to me?
  5. because it is odometer fraud and illegal. Most dealers will not do what the OP's dealer did, they are not supposed to anyway.
  6. OP, where's your dealer? You've found the fountain of youth!
  7. They only did it because his new one has MORE mileage on it and felt they could not get in trouble for it.
    Which they would be wrong on, anyhow.

  8. Here's your answer right here.

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