Ford Doors Dont Shut

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  1. OK so the driver door on my mustang, the trunk, and the driver door on ford ranger all have the same issue. Most of the time when I open my doors i have to flip the little metal arm in the locking mechanism down or up *(depending on which vehicle) in order for it to shut. sometimes it will shut all the way others just half way. does anyone else have these issues? is it common? and how is it fixed?
  2. Lube er up with white lithium grease
  3. Open the door all the way, and lift it up and down to check for hinge pin wear.

  4. I know the ranger does because its my wheeler but I haven't noticed any on my mustang
  5. Lube the hell out of them. I like to use a screwdriver to actuate the hinge as I spray them.
  6. use liquid graphite like for locks. blast way... then grease it.... that sand in your block migrated to your latches ;)
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  7. The McDirty theme is just cracking me up..
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  8. do you have the plastic door striker bushings? I was shocked at the change they made on a car I owned a few years ago.
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  9. Bingo. 2 dollar piece that does the trick. That and adjust your striker post.
  10. i put some on from LMR last fall. couple bucks and 5 minutes... gotta have the torx socket bit, rattle gone, door closes solid, had forgot it felt solid like that...
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