Ford Edge window squeak

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by buzzcut1580, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Since I am so happy with my mustang, and have had barley any problems with it, I got my wife the Ford edge. Well it has been in the shop twice already, and they haven’t fixed our problem. I figured people who drive and work on there mustangs would provide me with some better information than Edge drivers, so here I am.

    The problem is when one window is up all the way only, it annoyingly squeaks. This is really annoying because the edge is so quiet on the inside, and frustrating because it’s a brand new car. Does anyone have any ideas why the window would squeak only when it’s all the way up? I can just tap it down and the squeak stops, but of course I don’t want to leave my window not all the way up. Do you think it’s something with the weather striping, or inside the door itself, like the track or something? Please help as I can’t even drive in my Wife’s new Edge because I want to punch out the window.

    Just a side note, we also smell a burning oil smell when we are at a stop and the engine is warm. Of course Ford couldn’t find any leak. Well at least they put some kind of dye in it and told us to come back it a week. I should have got her a mustang like me, haha.
  2. It might be the regulator is out of adjustment and is pushing the glass pane up too far. Reason I say this is that you mention is quits when you tap it down a tad.

    As for the burning oil smell....did it do this straight from the lot or did it recently develop?