Ford EEC Error Codes

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  1. will my predator read these codes?
  2. it should. if it didnt it wouldnt be a OBD2 certified scan tool.
  3. Yep, my Jeep gives me my codes just by turning the ignition key on/off fast 3 times...must be a Chrysler thing. Wonder if there's a cheater way we just don't know about?
  4. I had problem with stupid p1443 code. On here it says. After looking at some of the codes here and then the haynes manual. Alot of them are bunk and appear to be the wrong code.

    Here. P1443 Evaporative Emission Control System - Vacuum System - Purge Control Solenoid or Purge Control Valve fault.

    In the haynes manual it says

    Haynes. P1443 Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve Speed Fault.
  5. I think the haynes manual is wrong. I have 2 scan tools that list that code as relating to EVAP.
  6. imagine that, a haynes manual having the wrong information :D . More like a lack of information too
  7. Actually its a chilton but it says haynes on the first page. So why are the codes different ?

  8. the odometer thing is the self test feature of the ICM ( instrument cluster module) these are codes for cluster faults nothing too do with the PCM or any other module.

  9. haynes manual is wrong.. this is out of fords PC/ED book.


  10. because those manuals are wrong ALOT..
  11. thanks for the great info
  12. Anyone know if a P0455 evap. code would be consistent with having an off road h-pipe??
  13. someone said earlier that autozone pulls codes for free, but I called them and the guy told me they didnt do that anymore.... So the only way to get a code pulled for free is either use your own scanner or find a friend whos got one? Ive called all the garages in town, and they all charge at least a half hour of labor, which ends up being over 50 dollars. this sucks.
  14. the autozone near me still pulls codes. my mother just had a code pulled last week by autozone. maybe its just that one???
  15. Autozone in town has a big sign out front free codes pulled.
  16. hmm so maybe i got an ignorant trainee on the phone.. ?
  17. I wouldn't say it's consistant with having an o/r pipe.. but anything is possible. You're more likely to throw H02S related codes with that.. or if you have an exhaust leak, you may see other strange ones.
  18. hi i whant to know if the oxigen sensor are disactivated when you put a chip on the ecu the chip (diablosport) is on a 98' cobra, 42 pounders, supercharger, lightning maff....
    other cuestion is did the 98 cobras came with poor spark problems? because in having at 5500 up some poping by the exhaust and looks like missfire and i have stock coils...
  19. The upstream 02 sensors are active when the car is in closed loop operation reguardless of chip or tune. the downstream 02 sensors ( after the cats) can be shut off in the tune