ford engine identification

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  1. the C8 conrods that were used seemingly forever.
  2. Hey. So from what I have read here, my engine (E5AE C3B) is a 1985 roller engine? I bought a 1988 ford ranger and it has a 302. I am just tryin to verify the year of the engine so that i can do some work to it...
  3. E5 translates to 85, yes. I can't answer the roller part of the question.
  4. I would have to take it apart to identify that right?
  5. Well, I'm just saying I don't know if the casting number tells you it's a roller block. It could be someone else here can tell you from the casting number. Definitely if you pull the intake you will know. :)
  6. Ok. Thanks for you're help.

  7. I have a 302 bare block the only vin stamp i can find says 5b23 and there is xxx in the pushrod valley
    can u tell me what year my block is

  8. Doesnt the b mean 50's
  9. VIN numbers are stamped into the block on a flat pad. Casting numbers are cast into it and raised above the surface.

    It sounds like a service replacement part. The "XXX" denotes a roller cam block.