Ford Factory Part Number For Late 2012 Adjustable Driver's Headrest?

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  1. Does anyone know the Ford Factory part number for the late 2012 factory adjustable front seat headrest for the 401a black/cashmere optional interior? The black smooth leather with white stitching? View attachment 146176

    I am referring to the late 2012 headrest driver's that has multiple adjustments forward and back-adjustments in angle . I want to update my 2011-I am starting to feel like Don Knox after driving with the non adjustable headrest that forces my neck forward. View attachment 146177
  2. I also am interested in this upgrade! Anyone????
  3. Call the dealership

  4. I believe that the best way to find the part number is to find a new or used 2012 Mustang ,with factory adjustable headrest with the same interior as yours, for sale and then use it's VIN to order the adjustable headrest.
    I have been told that the adjustable black cashmere driver's headrest part number is AR3Z63611A08AE . But I haven't verified this.
  5. I am not sure that the dealership will know which part number is for the non adjustable and what part number is for the adjustable headrest. The first thing you will be asked is-what is your vehicle's VIN. And your VIN will get you the part number of the NON adjustable headrest.
  6. I'd love to know the answer as well... I wonder how much the new headrests cost?
  7. looks like the part number is "<611A08 " but there are a ton of different colors/setups under that same part number... prices range from about 65 to over a hundred a pop.
  8. According to, that is a headrest assembly but it doesn't specify whether it is adjustable or not .The price is $161.73 and it appears to be in stock.
  9. I'll give them a call in the next few days and see what the deal is. Anybody want a set of non-adjustables? ;)
  10. I saw another thread recently, about one of the vendors here (TMI, I think) having a fix for this. I also remember someone saying that it was big money too. :(
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  11. Thanks Noobz - here is the link for our 5 point ratchet-able headrest - they go from standing straight up to 5 different points till it the stock angle. We have them in both the FURY and the SOHO grain depending on which interior you have. Here is a link to CJ Pony Parts site, they seem to be offering the best deal on them:
  12. TMI, will you ever make them in cloth?
  13. Hey Rampant - no plans at this time - we haven't matched up all of the factory colors/materials for the non-leather options. It's not to say we won't get there, but it's not going to be offered anytime soon.
  14. what about leather ones'? soon?
  15. Factory is Vinyl -- we can do them in 100% leather, but that price will jump quite a bit.
    To order them in full leather you would have to call our customer service at 800-624-7960