Ford....Goin' with what they know?

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  1. Since 1969, each generation of mustang has had drastic changes. Think 1973, 1979, 1994, 1999, and then 2005.

    The 2005 mustang had a complete retro look. Now, the 2010 mustangs have very little changes, but is considered to be "the new mustang." This reminds me of the 1966 to 1967 mustang. A great design (less safety and quality) that was just improved upon the following year. It seems like Ford is going with what they know. A good design, and just a few subtle improvements. All the hype that went into this thing just wasnt worth it.

    Same thing with fox bodies. They do look a little different from 1979 to 1993, but not much at all.

    To me, if a car is going to be "new" and "totally redesigned," it should look like it was redesigned. Remember the NEW mustang in 1994? The NEW mustang in 1999? They look totally different than years past.
  2. I think this change is very similar to the change from 98 to 99. Overall it looks a little trimmer, sleeker, and a more agressive. Its has a bit of "new edge" in it. The hips are a very nice addition. I think when they went to the S197, they went with too much retro, and not enough aggressiveness, and now, for 2010, they kept the retro, but made it look a little meaner, and less tame. Just my $.02
  3. Look at the difference between the '86 and the '87. It worked for that gen mustang, why wouldn't it work for this one. The Mustang is hugely successful. Ford is not going to take a gamble and risk alienating customers with a totally new design when the current one is still selling so many cars.

    What sales start falling off, then they'll start considering drastic revisions. I don't care about the body changes so much... I just can't wait to see the new engine line-up coming out. Don't disappoint me Ford, show me a 400 hp Mustang GT in '11.

  4. this is the exact same thing that happened with the sn95 -> new edge look. same guts, different sheet metal, minor improvements overall.

    ford did its bi-century redesign on the mustang so now they'll improve on that until the chassis becomes outdated (hopefully not as outdated as the fox chassis was).
  5. I think the new car may be great. I am withholding judgment until I actually see one. I agree that the car was hyped too much.
    They should have just shown us the thing without all the teasing.
    Some competition may help in the long run. Mustang has been the only pony car in town and that can mean that Ford has not always stayed on the cutting edge.
    Finally in the 2010 some interior upgrades are forthcoming. The new stereo may even be somewhat on the cutting edge and leave aftermarket folks scrambling to keep up.
    Time will tell. I do think the price for a navigation system is a bit too high.
  6. This is not an all new Mustang, just a refresh.
  7. Actually, the 1999 Mustang was a sheet metal refresh. There are actually more changes between the 09/10 Mustang than there were for the 98/99 Mustang. When you sit in a 99 Mustang, the interior is pretty much the same as the 98 mustang. The 10 has a redesigned interior as well as external sheet metal changes.

    So if anything the 09/10 refresh is more dramatic than the 98/99 refresh, and less dramatic (IMHO) than the 86/87 refresh.

    We've only had 5 "all new" mustangs. 1964, 1974, 1979, 1994 and 2005. Everything else has been refreshes.
  8. Exactly. Not all new by any means IMO.

    I think it's about the exact same as the 98-99 changes, each had more dramatic differences in different places. 98-99 had: very noticeable exterior changes, same interior, more major engine/HP improvements, I believe it was wider wheel to wheel as well (?). the 09-10 has: Visually similar exterior to those not Mustang savvy (I know alot of people who can't tell a difference), much improved interior feeling, more options, same engines and very similar output, higher focus on balance, refinement, and aerodynamics apparently.