Ford GT dyno numbers are in !

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  1. This thing will own the road ! :hail2:

  2. :eek: Wow... now thats underrating! Awesome! Way to go Ford!! :D :nice:

    :flag: :flag:
  3. Ford is going to dominate the real high performance world, just lkike they did in the 60s when they blew Ferrari off the road (and track)!!!

    FUN! I would almost go back to work to buy one.....
  4. I saw this in 4.6, lol, a tad underrated???????
  5. amazing numbers. so much for lutz's claim that a C6 z06 will stick with it, eh?
  6. Holy ****ing **** batman!!!

    I'd heard they were going to re-rate it at 550HP. Even so, that's the most massively underrated car in history. I mean, it's not surprising that it's putting out obscene amounts of power, given that a twin-screw blower on the DOHC 4.6 easily hits 500HP, and this motor is not only bigger, but much more smoothly designed.

    That's just insane. 565HP at the wheels... Viper what? Corvette who?
  7. If you think about it, if thats true its basically an Enzo with a cooler body that doesn't rev as high... for a quarter the msrp..
  8. Now if they could just help us out and underrate the mustang and we could save a lil ins $$
  9. Heres betting the 4.6 3V is underrated a bit, but i doubt by much. In the Mustangs segment, every 5 rated horses is another couple thousand buyers. The GT will sell its 1500/year or so easily wiht only 500 hp (heh, or much less), the reality that (if this is true) its more like 650, doesn't mean much.
  10. Not bad for blown Navigator engine.

    P.S.-I know its more than that, I just remember reading an article in either Hot Rod or Car Craft about how Ford developed the engine.
  11. yea.. great...

    LEAK the REAL numbers out early, so now GM can have their own C6 Z06 version "UNDERATED" a couple more hundred HP.
  12. Like I said with the mustang, a z06 can't be underrated much, its too mass market. If they come out and it only comes in rated at 450 hp or so, even if it has 500, it will still lose potential sales since the z06 is actually a semi-massmarket car.
  13. The Z06 won't be making more than 500hp at the wheels. It's just using a tweaked version of the 6.0 LS2 motor from what I understand. Now, the ZL1 might well get the twin turbo 427 putting out "650" horses (if a tt 427 is only putting out 650, something's wrong). But then, there hasn't been anything to confirm that GM is serious about a supercar-level Corvette, which I don't believe the Z06 qualifies as.
  14. damn that car is sexy :D
  15. Not really. With that type of gearbox/final drive unit and no driveshaft to spin, driveline loss could actually be pretty low for a car like this.
  16. THe Viper is already just as fast in the 1/4mi. THat is with a twin screw blower on the Ford GT too.

    Things should be interesting in the next year or so, I got a feeling the next Z06 will still be faster, it will be almost 400lbs. lighter adn the 427 ZL1 Camaros already run 11.40

    It is good to see an American company build a supercar that can kick some Italian a$$ :hail2: Good work Ford :nice:
  17. That was a pre-production GT they used in the test. And quite honestly, I wouldn't put it past the crafty and competitive John Coletti to give all the mags a pre-production test car that was actually DOWN on power, but just strong enough to barely hold its own against the Viper, just to throw the competition off target and off the scent. In short, to give Chevy and Dodge a false target in the hopes that they get so deep into the testing and development of their future models that they're too far into it to back up. Too many millions of $$'s in testing and development to be able to toss it in the trash and start over. Of course this is seriously wild speculation on my part, but..... I wouldn't be surprised. Coletti historically loves to lowball the horsepower numbers, and then launch a product that totally blindsides the competition. The '03 Cobra was the latest example of this approach, and if you've ever seen a Lightning on a chassis dyno, you've seen that the factory figures are short.
  18. THats is true, even though that GT had the production blower, that doesn't mean it wasn't hadicapped. I can't wait to see the auto mags showing this thing stomp Ferraris.

    Every one keeps talking about the next Z06, but lets not forget that the Viper has been out for a few years now so it could be time for a power upgrade, plus the lighter Viper coupe isn't out yet either. Does anyone remember this car from SEMA Maybe it is a sneak peak at the 2005 Viper? You got to love a good HP war :nice:
  19. I dunno.. is it me... or is the new Viper completely hideous?

    I love the old one better.