Ford GT dyno numbers are in !

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  1. and he then said that if the Z06 doesn't do it, another Vette will (Blue devil). From what I have read the target weight for the next Z06 is 3000-3050lbs. and was originally going to have a 500HP 3 valve 6.4L V8, now it will have a 7.0L 427 V8, I don't know if it will be 3v or 2v.
  2. Seeing the way things are going here...the vette will go down hill fast as everything else chevy has made. Sounds like they are going to push it so far past the current vettes that they will be forced to make this in the viper+ category.

  3. :rolleyes: I dont quite think chevy has made performance products that have gone downhill. Nice try though. Sales does not mean that the product was bad, just that they didnt do what they needed to lure in a wider spectrum of people.

    As far as the vette going downhill, wishful thinking...but get real. The base vette is now the LS2 400hp/400tq, and it has yet to be determined whether this one is underrated as the LS1's were. The ZO6 can be in Viper $ territory, who cares. The base vettes will still be cheap, and the ZO6 should still be available for under 60k. Its either the ZO6, or spend 80k on a viper or 130-140k on GT.

  4. The last I read, it was going to be a 6.3 with the 3 valve head. they claimed it would have a redline of 7000 rpm and would "rev safely to 8000 rpm". I personally can't see them achieving their rev claims with that (pushrod) motor and have something that is still streetable and reliable.
  5. LMAO...where have you been with your head in a hole you dug in your back yard????????????????

    Chevy has ruined everything related to performance in the last decade. Moreover, they are even doing more damage by bringing classic muscle car names back and pussifying them. Believe what you want...but chevy is going to lose market share in EVERY market over the next 5 years. I would expect toyota to take #1 in that period of time.

  6. The 2003 / 2004 Lincoln LS V8 with VVT has a 10.75:1 compression ratio. 91 Octane is recommended.

    I'd say that the HP increase will be less than 5% so bumping the 05, 4.6L, 3V engine up to 10.75 would give (at best) 315 HP / 330 lb ft.
  7. How do you know this?

    Can you post the cam specs on the 3.9L LS engine verses the 03 Mach 1 4.6L engine?

    I would like total valve lift and duration. You cannot compare just the cam profiles because the LS engine has direct acting tappets and the Mach 1 / Cobra engine has rocker arms.
  8. Looks like they did the Vette just about right to me. :shrug:
  9. really? How is that? Have vette sales been increasing? No.


  10. Where did you read that about the 427?! Last I heard it was the 6.4(6.3?) too. Please let me know so I can check it out! God, the good ol days are coming back! Don't get left behind, Ford! :flag:
  11. Ls series as in LS 1/2/6... i couldnt care less what the Lincoln LS is doing.
  12. Will it keep up in the twisties with it too?
  13. The LS motor is also 700cc smaller.

    315? I'd think it would be a bit more than that. We'll see.
  14. I'd expect handling/cornering to be better than the current Z06
  15. Personally I'd chalk that more up to people not wanting to spend big money right now more than any short comings of the car.
    I don't have the numbers handy but I'd highly doubt that Viper sales have significantly blossomed after them releasing the SRT-10.
  16. Of COURSE Vette sales are trending downward, there's a brand new C6 just about to be released!!! Or have you also had your head buried in a hole in your back yard? How hard is that to fathom?? EVERY car sells strong out of the gate, and then slowly trends downward unless major upgrades or styling changes are made to rekindle enthusiasm and demand, Chevy hasn't done anything wrong with the Vette, it's just that Vette fans are saving their pennies and holding off for the new C6, period. By your logic, Ford has "ruined" the Mustang, because they're practically having to GIVE AWAY '04 Mustangs right now, because everybody is waiting and saving for the '05. It's totally natural, has nothing to do with bad product decisions.
  17. :owned:
  18. owned? Lol i think your using that term a little lightly :rolleyes:

    Can't believe anyone on here can support GM on anything they've done in the last few years especially. The vette should have an increase in hp but they also shouldn't alienate their customers by placing it in an entirely new class of vehicle. I guess we'll see how it turns out in the end. One things for sure they REALLY screwed up the camaro. After their own failure to redesign frequently enough and market the camaro along with their selection for all out power and little attention to detail and build quality, they were forced to do away with it and there is little evidence of anything rwd v8 coupe style coming from GM within the next decade.

  19. Cadillac :hail2:

    What new class? the C6 is in the same class as the C5, Also they are increasing HP, the Base Vette will have 400HP and the Z06 500HP.

    yup, they definatly screwed up on the Camaro, It was more of a bad PR move than bussiness. So many people are pi$$ed at them. THe new Camaro (or Chevey coupe) will be out in 2007, also the next Gen GTO will be out that year along with other RWD GM cars.
  20. It's actually 650 cc smaller, but what does that have to do with anything? I was expressing HP increase as a percentage with higher CR.