Ford GT pictures from today

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  1. y didnt u steal it, they couldnt of caught u
  2. haha, trust me, that had people standing right there watching the car, plus, nowhere to go in that place, there were cars all around it
  3. Ahhh too bad I'm not filthy rich.
  4. I drive in the Dearborn area every day for my job and keep seeing the same silver GT driving around.I must say it looks totally bad a$$ on the street.Another cool thing most people don't notice is how you can see the supercharger through the rear window.What has caught my eye recently is a 2005 prototype GT,with the zebra style paint,front and rear camoflage but this one has a huge cowl induction hood on it.It also has different 7 spoke machined wheels on it that I have never seen on any '05 prototype before.It appears to have heavily side bolstered seats in it along with two a-pillar mounted gauges.My guess is it's a test mule for the '06 Cobra motor.I have seen this same car on three different days in the same general area as the silver GT.
  5. Oh man I love that car...
  6. Look carefully. This car is the concept, not production. Not that I can afford either.
  7. So what parts are changing from concept to production?

  8. *cough*Ford*cough*


  9. Not a lot, actually. The thing that tipped me off is the production version does not have that exhaust system. I guess ford decided that people could burn themselves too easily. That's a shame because those pipes are amazing. Also, still in the engine bay, the blower on the production car is painted wrinkle black and the cam covers are blue. There is also much more substantial bracing from the firewall to the upper shock mounts on the production car.

    Externally, there is not much difference. A tiny bumper and a diffuser at the rear, bigger mirrors, an aero splitter and slightly different headlights at the front. That's about it.
  10. Damn....that's a sweet ride. Those tires = $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  11. i think they're gonna change the seats also aren't they?