Ford guy from NE Wisconsin


Sep 16, 2018
NE Wisconsin
I have been a Ford guy since the late 70's, so I've owned a few, but only three Mustangs so far.

My first was a 96 Cobra coupe that I bought new specifically to bracket race, sold it ten years later. Nothing too spectacular but good for the day, low 13's 105 mph, stock NA engine.

Last summer my father passed on his 1993 2.3L hatchback (which he bought in 94) in anticipation of my son starting to drive this fall. It is a excellent car to begin with, but with 98k mi we rebuilt it mechanically, bigger cam, compression and 3k stall converter with 4.56 gears works together nicely.

The reason I am joining is that I purchased my third Mustang this summer in June. It is a 93 LX 5.0 5 spd convertible with Vortech 60k original miles. The car had a few demons when I purchased it which took a couple of weeks to sort it out initially. Ran and drove great all summer until very recently, so hoping to find some additional wisdom for a 25 year old mustang.

One thing I promise to do is that if I start a thread I will also conclude it with my results and observations for the benefit of others who may read it in the future.
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