ford head prices

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  1. just ordered parts to fix cobra

    ford racing head,gasket,10 bolts=1400.00

    what makes me mad is this problem is fords fault..they cant get it right

    im on my 3rd head now,,

    you would think they would offer help to at least original owners on cost,,,

    being the only place i could find this head new was from ford/ford racing
  2. Why are you on your third head?
  3. head

    my guess is i drive it..

    the 1st head was changed under warrenty,@65,000--dropped valve in cyl6 ,,forward exhaust valve

    2nd time was on replacement head ,@210,000 dropped valve in cyl 6..rear exhaust valve..had valve fixed along with welding a crack between exhaust valves

    3rd time @276,000 cyl 7 cracked,,crack goes thru spark plug threads

    the rest of the engine is still oem,pretty much trouble free other than basic stuff,,

    i do not have the cooling mod which im hoping to get,,

    i really dont feel i beat my car,it still has original clutch which should say something as to driving habits,,

    heres something to think about...other than the 1st time all the others appeared on startup..
    2nd i heard loud valve tap till follower fell off,,,30sec

    crack in cyl 7 i recall hearing a loud pop during a start up, slighy miss fire and white smoke after shut down showed up will low fluid,,,pulled mid pipe to find water in header..
  4. Damn and these are the c heads?
  5. It's good to see your on your way to fixing your car > I'll pull mine in to the shop next week and tear it down to see what happened > the only good thing is I only had to buy the head bolts and gaskets > I have a extra set of heads.