Ford is suing companies for use of Mustang name?

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  1. That's pretty much what I thought, too. Hey, if I could buy OEM parts for my '68, I'd be first in line, but last time I checked, Ford didn't care much for me or my fastback. It's just another used car to them, at least the aftermarket vendors like Mustangs Unltd, Mustang Depot, and Mustangs Plus are enthusiasts and know what I want when I call to order. Try getting the same treatment at any Ford dealer. Also, if they're so smart, why's Ford in the tank these days?
  2. I got that same letter this morning in my email.
  3. Yup got it too. Typical corporate babble meant to distract and confuse the true issue...I'm going to reply to the email and ask if they consider MustangsPlus, Mustang Depot, Mustangs Unlimited etc counterfeitters.
  4. Hey, I'm new to this forum, but this one cought my eye

    I own a F-250 and 9 Mus*angs. At the time this issue came up, my wife and I was in the market for a new car. A new Mus*ang was in our sights. After digesting all this crap from Ford and the use of the "M" name, I was shocked. How stupid can a major corporation be (or fooled by the lawyers). Instead of the new Mus*ang we opted for a Toyota. With better ideas like this, no wonder Ford is in a barrel. "Lawyers" and "bean counters" will do you in, and when you snooze, someone else will win.
  5. I read recently that FoMoCo is 'rethinking" their approach to this. Anyone have anything official on this?

    ...and Zookeeper hit the bottom line here...
    There's probably dozens of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean companies that do make cheap substandard parts for modern cars and sell them through backchannel means. I support Ford in their efforts to prevent this. But we (at least those of us in this forum) are buying parts built often to exceed factory parts from legitimate businesses like Scott Drake, and those are parts that Ford NO LONGER MAKES OR SELLS. There's nobody infringing on Fords business since FoMoCo has abandoned support of 25+ year old OEM parts.

    Besides, the term "Mustang" should really belong to a company called "North American", THEY made the original, and it was so popular that Ford actually stole it from them back in the days before trademark fever and lawyerese set in.
  6. Evidently they are stopping production of certain products as well. I read in a fairly new magazine (I can't remember which one) that Ford ordered Scot Drake to stop making "Cobra" valve covers. My guess is Ford plans to offer such products at a greatly inflated price.
  7. Yup, SD will still make them, and his margins will probably drop due to being a "officially licensed" manufacturer, we should also see a big increase in retail pricing. So with SD's margins shrinking and our costs increasing...which major corporation stands to profit from this? They'll profit from a parts list that they decided not to pursue over 20 years ago, and have no money into (other than a chitload of legal fees), THAT folks is how you do business in America when you've paid for the elections of the legistlatures and judiciaries accross the country.

    As for me, I have a small pile of Scott Drake parts that I figured to be likely candidates for this which I purchased last spring before the deadline, mainly those that are exlcusive 67 Shelby's. I just figured Eleanwhore would be involved with this somewhere, since we actually have automotive "manufacturers" turning out cars with new VINs and titles and all.
  8. You know what burns my ass? This is not about "protecting Ford's heritage" in the least. It's about greed, period. I remember buying a set of repro Cobra valve covers in '81 from a Service Center Speed Shops in the Phoenix area for about $60. At that time Mustangs were simply old cars, even Shelby Mustangs weren't wrth much. At that time, only true enthusiasts even cared about Mustangs of any kind. To the rest of the world, they were old cars, no different than a Datsun B210, they were for people who couldn't afford a new car. But now thanks to TV shows like Barrett-Jackson showing the rest of the world that our cars are a valuable investment, everyone wants a piece of the action. Where was Ford 25 years ago? Who supported us then? The same people who are taking it in the shorts now, the people who had the foresight to invest in our hobby are being raped by Ford, and in the end you and I are being victimized as well. Thanks Ford, you greedy jackasses...
  9. This is honestly more sickening then sueing for hot coffee.

    Stop the name use, ok. What ever. Take $10 from "small" business owners? You cross the line. This is why American made anything is not worth buying these days. Charge too much, count on it breaking and kill small business.

    I'll be sending about 10 letters a day to that douche bag.
  10. I don't bleed so blue any more. Next Ford may force the issue so that all four legged horses known as mustangs will have to come up with a new idenity. I wonder if they will make Pintos change their names as well!!!!!!!
  11. What a 'fantastic' way to treat an industry and it's enthusiasts who have kept their company from tanking years ago.
  12. I just sent the Ford people another email with a link to this topic in it. Maybe one of those pinheads can take the time to read it. Likely not, since they haven't exactly been quick to answer my emails. I worded this email a little stonger than the first few. I didn't use foul language, but I was very, very clear on what I thought of them and suggested that the same idiots that brought about this lawsuit are perhaps responsible for putting Ford several BILLION dollars in the red. Sharp guys those Ford people...
  13. I wish a lot of you guys would read the laws. Ford does not want to go after these companies that have been brand loyal for years. Ford ,by law, has to protect its people who hold stock or invest with the company. And by law, these companies that use the Ford and Mustang names do not have legal rights to use them. Ford did try to work with some of them but most of the companies were too thick headed to work with Ford. These companies now complain because they have spent more on lawyers than the actual settlement would have been. One case was a company that has been in business for quite some time that Ford knew was a big restoration source for Mustang owners. Ford offered less a deal that the owner paid less than 1% of a certain amount and would become official Ford parts distributor but the owner refused. So, back off of Ford cause they are being forced by the law so they are not in any more problems than what they are in already. Some of you need to learn a bit more before blaming someone and blasting off e-mails to a company that really does value your loyalty. Why do you think it has taken so long for Ford to do this? Cause they did not want to in the first place. There was no real profit to be mad. All this is is a battle over trademarks and parts companies not wanting to comply.
  14. Then why was there no explanation from Ford as to this being the reason?
  15. you are pretty close but not exactly correct here. ford lost the trademark for the gt 40 because they didn't do anything about someone using it for something else and then lost a lot of money because they couldn't call their new supercar a gt40 and just called it a gt instead. the only reason ford is doing this is because they are in financial trouble and need money to stay afloat and to draw attention away from other problems they are having. they also now want to get back into the parts business by making everyone lincense their parts and pay a licensing fee when even just 5 years ago they didn't give a damn about the parts side of the business. ford isn't legally required to enforce trademarks or copyrights they are doing it so they don't lose their primary moneymaker's name!!!!!!! like they did with the gt40. the problem with them going after the mustang guys to get revenge for what happened over the gt40 is that we as mustang people have been helping to keep ford motor company alive for a long time by keeping the mustang the best recognized automobile brand in the world and the aftermarket and we as enthusiasts even ASKED for a licensing agreement with ford several years ago and they didn't want anything to do with it. this all a bunch of BS designed by some greedy nose picking lawyer with nothing better to do to make himself rich do ford motor company a "favor" by "keeping" their trademark from being stolen. their are other ways to make sure your trademarks remain yours.

    has anyone noticed the sales drop in al fords and specifically mustangs to this time last year? i attribute a lot of that to threads like this one, people are actually doing what they said they would and not buying ford products anymore. if i were the head of ford i would make an announcement that they are going to quit going after the little guys to make their money and maybe they will start sellling some cars again
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    OK, so Ford really looooooves all of us but the big nasty scary "laws" are forcing them to go after the parts vendors??? "Hey guys, reeeeeally hate to do this but you're all f***ed...sorry, nothing we can do about it..."

    If you had read the whole thread instead of just quick creating an account to defend (your employer?) Ford you'd see that we have more of an understanding of the underlying issues than you assume. Of course companies that fraudulently use FoMoCo trademarks when manufacturing parts should be held accountable. Of course those who imply that they have some affiliation with or endorsement by FoMoCo should be stopped. The beef is that honest businesses that happen to be called "Billy Bob's Mustang Parts" due to the fact that *surprise* they sell Mustang parts were treated like the aforementioned criminals. If Ford's main interest truly is to protect the sanctity of its brand, wouldn't they go after the egregious offenders in an aggressive manner while informing the others of their concerns and intent? Are they too stupid or naive to know there's a difference? Was it just easier/more cost effective to just go after everyone rather than expending the resources to differentiate? Either way they suck.

    Nice try, but I don't buy it. If what you say is exactly true, then they're complete morons for handling it the way they did and thus still don't deserve my business.
  17. Yes. It was vehicle rotation time for us this year, and we now own an '07 Chevy 2500HD and an '07 Honda CR-V that would probably have been an F250 and Escape otherwise...
  18. i haven't jumped ship just yet but then again we haven't bought a new (or newer) vehicle since quite a while before this bs started. that said, i am going to be buying a 69 cougar from a friend of mine once i get the mustang sold and i'll probably be getting either an old jeep comanche pickup or a ford ranger to replace my ailing jeep cherokee in the future, if ford will wide up i'll probably get a ranger.
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    Well, I aint gonna jump ship...yet. The only product GM makes that I could own would be a C-series or the Vette (if I could afford one). Chrysler has a number of interesting vehicles but they still have serious quality issues. I thought Mercedes quality would have rubbed off and helped them, but Mercedes just lead all 64 car manufacturers in America with the most problems reported in the 1st 2-years of ownership. Sounds like the rub-off went backwards to me.

    As far as anything from japan/korea/china...

    I own two Hondas, I love them both, one is my lawnmower the other is my power-washer!