Ford is suing companies for use of Mustang name?

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  1. Look, here's what I think the the real underlying business reason is for them doing this. It's doesn't make the turd taste any better but at least there's a kernel of logic behind it. It's still a situation of alienating your base for a short-term payoff.

    As we all know, Ford isn't exactly in a strong position financially these days. Giant corporations, like the rest of us, are constantly borrowing money and have to keep after their credit rating such that it is.

    Loans are secured by assets -- there has to be some sort of collateral that has tangible value.

    Ford doesn't have a lot left to borrow against that isn't already in hock, so they're constantly looking for a new angle.

    Right now, they appear to be borrowing money against their intellectual property. The only way to convince a lender to make that loan is to demonstrate that that intellectual property indeed has value and will continue to into the future. Part of this demonstration is to show that you are vigorously defending said intellectual property against dilution. Allowing unlicensed products into the marketplace dilutes the value of Ford's intellectual property and thus makes it more difficult to borrow money.

    So, it's not as simple as Ford being strapped for cash and thus wanting to squeeze pennies out of licensing a few hundred calendars or whatever. It's part of the bigger picture strategy of continuing to be able to borrow the vast sums they must to continue in business. They can't make very much off of their entire licensing program -- it's the appearance of defending their brand that makes them money. I'm sure there are some within the corporation that realize it blows to step on their core following but see it as a necessary evil in order to plod along for another day.

    I'm certainly not defending their actions, just pointing out that there's probably a deeper wrinkle to this than what's on the surface.
  2. Seems BMC is going to get to make their calendar. Maybe not with Cafe Press, but they have permission from Ford to produce it now.

    Well, I'm glad that someone from Ford thought it'd be good to make this right. Now what we need from them is an official announcement of their policy towards enthusiast websites, club materials, and forums on what is and what is not allowed in publishing/reproducing/sharing images of their vehicles.

    Further I'd love it if they actually would offer, and make public, a reasonable licensing arrangement to the many small businesses that use their images, name and logo in some form or fashion.

  3. Pete, i have a tendancy to agree with what you're saying, however, if that truly is the case Ford needs to make a public statement on why they are doing what they are doing and for what reason so that people will understand and (possibly) support what they are doing. as it is they are sneaking around behind the enthusiasts' back and making all of us very nervous about what our hobby will be like in the future and also what this mess is doing to the value of our cars. i've been closely watching mustang prices lately and i've noticed that these cars are bringing a lot less today than they about this time last year when all this BS started where other marqes are bringing a lot more money than they were EVER bringing before. it seems to me that potential buyers are staying from fords in general and mustangs in particular and the cars are noy bringing what they should be.

    normally this would not bother since i've owned my car for almost 24 years now and i'd never planned on selling it, but with life sometimes being what it is i am actually going to have to sell the car once it's totally done so i can buy my family a house and knowing what my car should bring it's very disturbing to see other cars not bringing the money they should be bringing right now. hell, 67-73 cougars are now bringing almost as much money as mustangs and that has NEVER happened before EVER. i'm not going to complain too loudly because the car that will take the mustang's place in the garage will be a cougar but that's actually going to be kind of a double whammy for me since the parts for the cougars are going up as well.

    i believe most people would actually suppport ford on the trademark infringement bit if they would just make a public statement and actually explain why and what for. i mean no one realy wants to see taiwanese import mustangs running around like all the taiwan and chinese copies of edelbrock intakes and danny bee belt drives out right now. i mean they are copying just about everything now and i can kind of understand ford's concern about that stuff happening to the mustang but if that is, in fact, what they are doing they are going about in completely the wrong way and it's affecting the people in the hobby in more ways than one. i also have to believe that this is affecting their new car sales as well.

    just my opinion on the matter
  4. ...and I agree with you entirely.

    Wouldn't that be something if a Ford PR spokesperson came out and publicly explained the whole thing, the reasoning and intent behind it, and outlined a common-sense plan for defending their intellectual property while maintaining their relationship with enthusiasts. We would all rally behind them and accept that we would have to put up with some changes and inconveniences for the greater good. I would think that would build the value of their brand beyond what it ever has been.

    But what do we know...we're just dumb car guys.

  5. I'm sure they will be able to use cafepress if they choose to. Cafepress has a notation in their TOS which allows for images such as the mstng photos in question to be used if the shopkeeper can show they have the legal right to do so, which the BMC now has.

    I agree. I did close up the EGMR site last night. I just can't take the chance, dispite what has happened with this, that they might change thier minds like they did in the case of that aftermarket supplier which had their blessing for years to use the mstng name but ended up served with a C&D and a 10K lawsuit. And I just don't have the time to persue getting a legal ok from them, much less the money for a lawyer to make sure that what they give me really and truely is a legal and binding document. It would also be nice if they made contact info available and easily located for clubs to get the official ok without needing to involve a lawyer like the BMC did.

    I REALLY agree with this one. I'd dearly love to offer some photos I have on products through cafepress that feature mstngs. I created a poster for my DH using a pic of Eleanor-I got the poster ordered luckily, but it was removed by Cafepress even thought it wasn't publically offered in my shop. I also made him a Christmas ornament with a yellow big body (and a magnet with the same image for her PO), but removed the image right after I received them so I didn't get one of the scary emails that cafepress sends! But without knowing how much I would make, or even if I would make anything, I wouldn't be able to afford much in the way of fees for licensing. I would take a chance on a small fee, but I'm willing to bet what it is now is WAY more than I would risk on it. Not that there's contact info out there everywhere to even ask them, lol.
  6. Roflmao, I decided to see if Mr. im-from-ford had any contact info. Well, no, but I did see this and think it was funny:

    Whitney Drake's Friends:

    Whitney Drake has no friends.
  7. Well, you guys all beat me to it, 'cause I went straight from work to a Rodeo meeting (at 7:40PM); to home and leftover cold supper(1025PM); to the beer fridge(1035PM); to bed last night(1100PM); and never even looked ia my laptop! Finally got on at 730 tonight; and HOLY COW!!! "There is intelligent life on this planet, Captain!"

    As I mentioned in my response to the thread that rsev216 linked; I love the verbiage in "Whitney's" post. Very different from the "Official Ford Motor Company" statements that had been linked in various threads on the Calendar issue". It almost looks like some "car guys" at Ford had a little come to Jesus meeting with some of the contract (and maybe in-house) legal types regarding this whole mess; and hopefully this means that Ford will soon be somewhat of a "car enthusiast's" manufacturer once again! :nice:
  8. desperate times call for desperate measures I guess

  9. we should just start calling each other dummy, then. hey dummy how's business at your "car named for a WWII fighter plane in the spirit of the last of the wild american horses" restoration and modification shop today? ok, well i'll talk to you later dummy. :eek:

  10. What this means for me is no more Ford products.


    I'll swallow my pride and buy a Chevy before Ford gets a dime of my money.
  11. Has anything been resolved on this issue? I see all of the vendors still have their names and all. Only thing I can see anywhere are some basic disclaimers about "not affiliated with Ford Motor Company" and such.

    I'm guessing someone in Dearborn with a brain called off the dogs?
  12. There's someone in Dearborn with a brain?
  13. :rlaugh: 2005 Mustang is a really nice car...SOMEONE up there has SOME brains...right?
  14. Yeah, it looks like somebody somewhere deep in the bowels of Ford was looking at the internet (probably looking for more quotes to pilfer about how great the new Mustang is); found 110,659,326,748 links to the BMC calendar "problem" and went screaming through the cubicles until he found somebody in authority.

    At that point there probably arose a great "OH, S#[T!!!!!!" amongst the PR-types which reverberated around the halls of Dearborn until somebody really big (maybe named "Bill"?) heard about it.

    I've got one of the new calendars. It looks really nice.
  15. That's what tweaks me off, the new Mustangs are sooooooo neat, and they sell every single one they make, why do they need to hassle with people trying to keep old Mustangs alive?
  16. Glad this seems to have been resolved.
  17. This is BS, but all of the companies do similar things or at least try to. Shelby was doing something like this because someone made stripes or decals to replace worn out ones on for the early 80s GT 350 because they weren't available. So the decals he sold weren't licensed so he got sued. The Mustang shops just need to amend their names to meet the criteria mentioned above. They just need to add classic or vintage to thier name.

    Virgina Classic/Vintage Mustang
    Texas Classic/Vintage Mustang
    Dallas Classic/Vintage Mustang
    California Classic/Vintage Mustang
    Laurel Mountain Classic/Vintage Mustang
    Kentucky Classic/Vintage Mustang
    Sacramento Classic/Vintage Mustang
    Mustangs Unlimited Classic Parts

  18. How can you call Mustang II crappy cars, they are mustang also and i have smoked a few fox bodies and classic stangs with mine..... you could of used another car instead of those.Dude wtf? :jaw:
  19. FVIKE,you guys are right about name inventing. Mustang is a breed of horse and has been for hundreds of years. maybe the equine organizations should file suit against ford.