Ford is suing companies for use of Mustang name?

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  1. This is truly unfortunate, but politics are a part of the business. I'm going to have to look into this one myself. I'm going to look this up. I have an avenue to use that may let me see what's going on. I can see the Ford side in a way. They have worked really hard to be up there with Honda & Toyota quality and reliability speaking. I think they just want to make sure that there name isn't being mislead or mistaken in any way in regards to brand issues. Sort of like the Shelby, Roush and Saleen relationships having Fords stamp of approval on paper. Of course I have not looked up the update regarding Saleen and it's specific & recent sale to MJ Acquisitions. That’s a confusing matter that’s another subject completely. I'm just glad that Steve kept the Saleen S7 department part out of it. Isn't politics fun...
  2. Holy crap! Boy am I in trouble!
  3. The MII is a Pinto you know. Then again, the early Stang was a Falcon and the Foxes were really Fairmonts too...LMAO!
  4. you know ford sold as many or even more of the Mustang II's than the original cars. i can't honestly see why anyone would say they are crappy cars and they are certainly NOT pintos, they are a completely different design, though they do have some similarities and share some common components. IMHO anyone who bashes the II's has never even owned one. yes they were designed to be a sporty economy car in the crappy 70's but the original mustang was also designed to be a sporty economy car, it later morphed into a more muscular "compact" car (it was truly in the compact car class, Pintos and such are a sub compact). i owned a 78 nothback and it was definitely one the most fun cars i have ever owned.

    i'll soon be looking for a nice T-top hatchback II for my daughter as her first car. i plan to build it with a turbo 2.3 from an SVO or T-Bird turbo coupe backed up by an overdrive automatic trans and an 8" rear with about a 3.40-3.50 geared trac-lok diff. should make for a nice sporty little first car that has enough power to keep up with traffic but NOT get her into trouble with it. i'll add bigger disc brakes up front and bigger drums out back with some nice 14" or 15" wheels, maybe an Ansen sprint to mimic the look of the factory slot mags. i showed her a really nice little Cobra II with T-tops at the last car show we went to and she absolutely loved it so i think one should make a great little car for her and it should be pretty economical as well.
  5. it should go without saying...but just in case...and for the record...

    I am not nor would I consider insulting anyone's car. My comment had more to do with the humble nature of the Mustang line. As far as I'm concerned it is one of the aspects of the Mustang that I love the most, even up to today's wonderful SN197. The Mustang was a cheaply designed and manufactured "sporty" car that was highly affordable and highly modifiable.

    Let the Camaro and Challenger guys pay $40,000.00+ for their cars that have more power. A very close friend of mine just paid $49K for an SS-RS that will smoke my daily driver,it is a beautiful and very high performance car, I just mention to him that I paid half that for mine.

    So I apologize if I offended anyone or their ride, it was DEFINITELY not my intent :flag:
  6. actually Edbert i was replying to Zookeepers post. i knew you didn't have anything against the II's.....but i did have to correct you on the pinto thing though....LOL
  7. Hope all goes well for ford
  8. Hmmm.... Shame on you Ford, for allowing your Lawyers to Bite the hand that feeds them! Maybe you should be way more concerned with Law suits that should be filed against FMC for the Spark-Plug Blowout Problem that all of your motors have between '97 and 2005! Shame on you! Bye the way, I'm currently frustrated because my "Super-Duty"? spit out another one yesterday, which So far has resulted in a four hour trip, $225 Tow, and two days of work lost, before I can pay for this required repair on Monday! Strike Two, Ford!
  9. I think that the only pull they have is over businesses that deal in parts or information for the Ford Mustang. Even then they allow the use of the name as long as it has terms in the names such as "vintage" or "classic". I just wondered about the colleges and high schools that have "Mustangs" as their team name? Are they in trouble as well?
  10. So on top of trying to turn the 50th anniversary M-U-S-T-A-N-G (I don't want to get in trouble too!) into some little over priced Euro-compact tuner car, Ford now wants to stomp all over the cult following that is the 'stang aftermarket? Do they not realize the ones they are going to hurt are their most loyal customers? How else would one car survive for nearly 50 years if it weren't for companies like Mustang Plus and Mustangs Unlimited that help us keep their products on the road? (Oops, I said it twice, think I'll get away with it?) :runaway:
  11. Perhaps the family of the guy that named the original wild American horses should sue Ford...

    Threads that is.