Ford is suing companies for use of Mustang name?

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  1. 65up2d8, if you read carefully, I didn't come up with the list---I was only responding to the list that 66mustang93 originally posted. Nevertheless, I agree with you about MDJAY, and we can certainly add his company too. Hopefully, he won't need to change the name to Muststung Depot.
  2. Thanks for the kind words. However this affects everybody, including the consumers.

    As for us, we have a contingency plan in place that should go into affect very soon. It's unfortunate but necessary as we don't want to be stomped on by the giant.

    While Donald's efforts are honorable, the circulation is much to small to make a heavy impact. Like I said before, this needs the attention of the main stream media like CNN etc.

    Either way, we're changing our name. We don't want to see them again 20 years from now.
  3. Hang in there Jay.

    Reminds me of that grouchy old man and his vengance against the replicas. Funny thing is now one of the replica companies is now building his "Real" cobras!
  4. Stang Depot sounds good. I've now copyrighted it, wanna buy it for $50k? J/K

    Obsolete Ford Parts here in OKC had to change their name to Classic Auto Parts. Funny thing was, they had Ford's permission to use the name and then it all turned around about 3 years ago. I guess this will affect Mustang Parts of Oklahoma as well.

    Thing I wonder is, are all the magazines and websites going to have to change their names as well?
  5. Mdjay I hope this all goes well for you. I want your buisness to grow so you can start making parts for the 71-73 stang, preferably a rack and pinion setup, fiberglass hood, new front bumper covers, I could go on.

    We're getting married in Vegas July 2nd, maybe we can get together again.
  6. Jimmy,

    Congrats! Tell your blushing bride the same. Too bad my kid's Mom moved from Vegas! I really enjoyed meeting you guys.

    My Ford contact tells me to sit tight, more info on the way. I remember GM working hard on the copyright thing years ago, but they did not go after anything with the names, just trademarks. We'll have to see how things develop.

    Thanks to Ol' Shel', I drive a "FFR Type 65 Roadster".
  7. They should've gone with Fobra.

    I also think Stangalang has a funny ring to it. "Stangalang Restoration parts, how may I help you?.":rlaugh:
  8. I think we need to start a letter writing campaign to good ol' Billy Ford telling him what a Jerk he is and how angry we are about this.

    I have already emailed everyone I know with this story and Billy Ford's address so they can write him...I urge all of you to do the same!

  9. Wonder if Ford's going to make them change their name too . . .

  10. IMHO this is crap. I did a fast review of the mustang sites and I did not see any infringements of the mustang trademark. I for one intend to right ford and express my thoughts on this subject. I understand the need to protect a company IP but this is out of line. But this has made the decision to remove all the F.O.R.D and M.U.S.T.A.N.G lettering from my car easy after all they could decide that I have violated there design or trademark or something and they will come and get my car and hit me with a large fine.
  11. Is it money, or quality control that's the issue?

    I mean if someone gets ****ty customer service from say...Mustangs Plus, I can see why Ford would want to distance themselves from that company. But at the same time, only an absolute moron would think that the two companies were affiliated.
    Unfortunately, I come across absolute morons everyday, so IMO, it's not so far fetched.:shrug:

  12. One day I will own one of those!!!!!!!:hail2:
  13. Freakin bs. No way that Denise Haliki loses to that rat on Eleanor and Ford pulls this bs....

    I went to an event a while back, all Mustangs, and there was a guy from Ford there talking about how the club and it's members help "polish the blue oval"-this does nothing but tarnish it imo.
  14. Wow! This is truely sad and pathetic.

    There should be a statute of limitations on trademark infringement suits. It’s as if they intentionally waited for these businesses to become established and profitable before slapping them with a suit. And/or Ford decided they no longer need the free name recognition publicity provided by so many classic parts suppliers. Now that Ford has a successful new retro styled Mustang, maybe they figure suing the aftermarket parts suppliers will substantially drive up the cost of restoration parts in hopes of increasing new Mustang sales.

    And to think I’ve been looking to buy a new Mustang GT.

    I think I’ll pass.
  15. I tried signing it and got a fatal error when trying to submit my signature.

    Ok I looked at the petition and it added me 4 times since I refreshed a couple time when I got the fatal error.
  16. Thanks. Yeah it be cool to hang out with you again. Sorry about Shel, but it looks like you're having fun driving the Roadster.
  17. Me too.:notnice:
  18. Not sure what happened but I'm pretty sure it was a fatal blow to my laptop. Don't click it!