Ford is suing companies for use of Mustang name?

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  1. No you get the error but if you go to the sig page your name was added. Afte you add your name ignore the error page and go back a page (do not try to refresh or resend info) and click on the Signature tab near the top of the page you'll see your name was added to the petition. If you keep trying to refresh your name will be added multiple times like mine was each time I hit the refresh key.

    The "fatal error" message I got was related to the website not my computer.
  2. Maybe just bad timing but my laptop hit the floor...
  3. imma laugh when one of the companies counter-sues and wins
  4. Im gonna make a better petition in a little bit. It will be better written from a better site.

  5. As I said in my previous post; perhaps North American Aviation (or it's assigns) should sue Ford for having -over the last 40+ years- capitalized on their idea of naming the "secretary's car" after NAA's (back then) 26-year-old warbird design!

    Hey, maybe the British government should sue Ford!
    1.) They actually affixed the moniker "Mustang" to NAA's prototype fighter.
    2.) In today's "politically correct" (read: "bass-ackwards") world; a foreign government just might have a decent case if brought against an iconic American industrial giant.

    Even if the case isn't tried; just the threat might cause Ford's legal team to re-think their postion and authority.

    Don't get me wrong, I've finally returned from the "Dark Side" (RIP, Rice-Eating Generic Chevy Truck) and have an F150 4x4 as a DD; but Jeeze, people! For years, a lot of folks have bought new Mustangs because they felt they couldn't afford the time/money to restore or build up the old Stangs that have been built from Bramlet's/Jay's parts. To sue people for devoting their careers to supporting a Ford product is the height of stupidity; from a PR standpoint as well as a financial standpoint. What morons...... :nonono:

    EDIT: I just love Google! It sent me to a Wikipedia article. Can you just see this headline: "Boeing and Great Britain Sue Ford For Trademark Infringement Over The Name 'Mustang' " :lol:
  6. Jay, has this affected you yet? will it affect you?

  7. I agree, us big body mustang guys needs people like you in this hobby to start making new parts for our cars, ie fiberglass hoods and such.
  8. I for one plan on writting Mr. Ford on this. As someone else has said I believe this will have more of an impact. Also I don't know if anyone else is planning on attending the All Ford Nats at Carlisle next month, but perhaps this would be a good place to get the word out to a bigger audience. I think I will look into contacting Carlisle events.

    PS: If you plan to write to Mr. Ford, PLease use proper formatting, grammar and run spell check. We don't want to come off looking like a bunch of uneducated, pissed-off hicks. If you are using Microsoft word to compose your letter it has a template for business letters.
  9. To make any real impact, we'll have to get everyone we know to write to Ford. I've already got my family and friends working on it...
  10. :lol:
    Made me laugh, not many people seem to realise that the design and spec requst for the P51 came from the RAF so maybe its time for them to raise some cash and drop a letter to Bill at Ford and ask for £10,000!!!
    As someone said here earlier they lost out on the GT40 to the extent of not being able to call the GT the same name maybe they just got jittery,(or maybe someone in legal saw some easy $ to be made?:shrug: ) I think its a chap over here that made replica GT40s after ford lost interest that now has the rights to that name as he calls them "GT40" when they are sold.You can tradmark any word relevent to your business here now, the term "lucky dip" belongs to our national lottery company, stories indicated they actually threatened church fetes for using hte term on stalls to raise money!:bang:

  11. Kind of the way I feel.
    I went to the corporate site and added my .02 to thier contact us form.

    And, honestly. I do not feel that mustangs would be nearly as popular without its aftermarket. Hell, It might of gone the way of the camaro.
  12. There's only one proper and powerful way to fight this :bs: .

    Boycott new Ford Vehicles
  13. Thanks for posting that article. Here's the letter I just submitted to NPR as a story suggestion:

    The Ford Motor Company has apparently decided to “reclaim it’s legacy” by protecting it’s “Mustang” trademark. Ford is demanding companies discontinue using “Mustang” in their name and transfer any internet domain name containing the word “Mustang”. Rather than retype the whole article I read in “” please read it here: Hoofbeats

    I’ve personally been tinkering with old Mustangs for 25 years and have relied heavily on classic parts suppliers like “Mustangs Unlimited” and “Virginia Classic Mustang”. I can hardly imagine the devastating affect this will have on 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of parts suppliers, websites and magazines.

    I was in the market for a new 2006 Mustang GT, but have decided I can not, in good conscience, support a company that would willingly cause so much harm to the people who have helped keep the classics alive.
  14. :ban: My letter in oversized envelope to the Ceo of Ford.

    Sir; I have heard about your Legal battles to regain the "Mustang" name.
    Times must be extreamely difficult for this company to go after all of the so-call name thiefs that are supossedly infringing on your Trademark.

    As not to be hounded by your High powered legal teams,
    I have removed ALL Mustang and Ford Logo name plates from my car.
    and have enclosed them to you.

    I am sure if I require some parts in the future that I will be able to adapt anything from GM to make MY car work.
    This 40 year loyal Ford fan is moving over to the otherside.
    have a nice life.
  15. Write letter!

    As someone said earlier, a letter writing campaign is needed. Below is my letter to Wild Bill mailed last week...

    William C. Ford
    Chairman & CEO
    Ford Motor Company
    PO Box 685
    Dearborn, MI 48126-0685

    Dear Mr. Ford:
    I have been a loyal Ford customer since my first 1955 sedan when I was 16. I currently own a 2003 Mustang, a 2000 Explorer Limited and a recently restored 1965 Mustang convertible.
    Recently I read an article on the Ford lawyer’s attack against Mustangs Plus, a small business that provides a valuable service to us Mustang enthusiasts. I am very troubled by your lawyer’s attack on suppliers and shops using the “Mustang” name. Your lawyers have demanded that these small businesses that do a great deal to build the Mustang brand image by making needed parts and accessories readily available cease and desist from using the word “Mustang” in their names, as well as forcing these companies to pay a $10,000 fine. While Ford needs to protect it’s brands, arbitrarily driving them out of business runs a high risk of alienating many Ford loyalists like myself.
    This is a very short-sighted policy that is blind to the great service these businesses do for the Ford and Mustang brands. You are punishing the source of the Mustang’s life blood. A significant piece of the Mustang popularity is attributable to those businesses that have made the Mustang a classic by making restoration and after market parts available while building enthusiasm for the brand. I cannot understand why Ford would adopt a policy that would alienate the very people and businesses that bleed “Ford Blue,” and have had no small part in the success of the Mustang for more than 40 years. Ford benefits from the goodwill and exposure generated by these support businesses.
    I hope you will apply some good, “out of the box” business sense by calling off your pit bulls and offering these loyal Ford supporters the opportunity to continue using the Mustang name at nominal or no cost before irreparable damage is done to the Ford name. You should be encouraging these supporters, not trying to bleed them dry. You have the opportunity to either work with these entrepreneurs to build a bigger, stronger, loyal customer base or you can continue the current adversarial path that risks destroying the Mustang mystique and alienating a significant customer base. Choose wisely.
  16. Great letter, I wonder which companies are on their hit list and which aren't? How about everyone checking with local shops that use the Mustang name and seeing if they got a letter and then post the info here. Here in Fresno we have the Mustang Ranch which sells early Mustang parts and complete cars. Let's see if we can find out how many letters went out...
  17. Gee I've got mustang in the title for my webpage. What a stupid thing for Ford to do. I'm going to write a letter today. Right now.