ford keys

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by the_rooster, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. I just picked up a 02 ranger and i went to get another key and the dealer said it was 150 for the key, now i got another for my 96gt and it was 70. what gives?
  2. PATS is in play. The keys are chipped for the ignition system.
  3. Thats crazy, PATS key, cut and programmed is 80 at my dealer. At Ace Hardware they only want 35 for a programmed key, but it doesnt have the ford logo.
  4. Thanks i thought that was high. What was that key from ace for? and did it work?
  5. It depends on how many working keys you have right now. If you have 2 working PATS keys just buy one on Ebay, have it cut and you can program it yourself, $25 total. If you only have one working key that could be costly and involve a locksmith that does automotive work.
  6. wally world can do them for like 50 i think
  7. it's much easier if you have two working keys. With 1 key you have to program with a scan tool such as the IDS,PDS or WDS if any ford dealer still has one of those relics.

    I am not sure what the locksmiths or other places use to program them.

    BTW 150 is high.. the only keys I can see being that much is the new keys with the built in fob such as the ones on the fusion and edge.