Ford King Cobra Clutch Questions

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  1. We ordered a King Cobra clutch, and it just came in and the part numbers are as follows. Is this the same thing as a real King Cobra or something different?

    Ford Part Number Ordered

    KING COBRA CLUTCH KIT 10.5" 1986-2001 4.6L/5.0L Mustang & 1993-1998 Cobra with T5 or T45 M7560C302

    Part Number Received

    Valeo #62672004 (Signature Series Performance Clutch Kit)
    Presser plate, #FD2C 35/167324

    Disc, #FD 79/167318

    Throw out Bearing #614014

    Pilot Bearing has no Number, it’s the one for a 5.0 only.