For Sale Ford Motorsport M-12071-C302 Harness


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Oct 28, 2001
Jenks, OK
Bought this harness from a buddy that was cleaning his garage out and I really do not need it as my '93 stays in the garage and the harness on it is in great shape. I thought I might want a spare but have decided to sell it as I will most likley never use it and I am sure someone else needs it. He installed the harness on his car for about a year and then pulled it off when he swapped combos and went stand alone. Basically he just rolled it up and put it back in the box it came in and I think there is more dust on it than anything. Looking to get $400 + shipping (buyer determines shipping speed and carrier). Not really interested in shipping out of the lower 48 states as I have only done that once but if need be we can discuss.

Couple of things on this harness, it was made off of the 92-93 harness design so those are the cars it will go directly into and I believe discontinued this harness in 2007. I have seen where some guys with 90-91 cars have made it work but it had to do with using the connectors off their old harness to get it to mate up with the connections in the car and knowing what wire goes where i.e. tracing wiring diagrams. I am not sure if it will work with 87-89 cars as they are non-air bag cars so do some research there.

PM me if you are interested.

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