Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Countdown

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  1. With the Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary inching its way closer as we creep into August, Ford has started to spark up the interest for the anticipated event with a new video series, aimed at sourcing the vast community of Mustang enthusiasts around the world.

    The “Ford Mustang Countdown” campaign is a weekly online series which will feature video clips highlighting moments in the Mustang timeline, starting with the initial launch of the 1962 Ford Mustang 1 concept.

    In the clip following, you get to see one such enthusiast, Zach King, put together a short film exhibiting two RC Mustangs in a model city chase scene. Pretty well done, at that, actually! Other clips are going to cover a great deal of Mustang legacy, so be sure to keep your eyes open for future video features.

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