Ford Mustang 79-93 90 91 5.0L V8 T3/T4 Twin Turbo Kit

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  1. Anyone used these or know anyone who has? I know you get what you pay for, these are very cheap on ebay, but would like to see if someone else used them?
  2. I've heard alot of "bad things" But nobody who has had actual experience with them. Everyone says they are junk and they have "heard" the same, but nobody has actually bought the kit, used it, and made that judgement first hand.
  3. I'm curious too. I know you get what you pay for but are they really that bad? IS it the turbo that's a cheapo that doesnt't last or is it fitment etc.? They are a cheap way to go.

    Everytime I watch a video of a foxbody with a "twin turbo" you never see or read what kind of turbo system it is...........and they seem to run good.
  4. I BOUGHT IT!! a few months ago. The actual quality is NOT that bad, its just the stuff that doesnt come with the kit that is a pain to get....
    I did most of the install myself and it was really easy. The hot side I had done by MPH in GA and they said it was a huge PITB. I have been running this ebay kit for a few weeks now and have had no problems so far.

    Made in China
    Exhaust Headers are kinda thin
    No Hot side piping or flange
    No oil lines or flanges
    Wastegate springs were too small (easy fix though)
    No instructions what-so-ever
    Missing some cold side couplings
    I don't really like the under mount intercooler

    Things I liked:
    Shipping was fast and items packaged well
    Cold Side piping was pre-bent with no modifications needed
    Came with wastegates, BOV, and fuel pressure regulator
    Cold side coupling clamps were A+ (not regular hose clamps)
    Came with gaskets
    No Body Modifications
    Came with a oil catch can
    Other than the downpipes, it was an easy install

    For the money you will end up spending, this kit is not worth it. But since I did the install myself, I liked the kit.
  5. How's the power?

    What would you recommend or do the next time? Save up for a big dollar / name brand turbo or go with an affordable supercharger?
  6. oh and any pics?
  7. i heard that the headers like to melt. thats one of the most expensive parts of a turbo kit too i guess so really isnt worth it. but like someone said above, thats just what ive heard...
  8. The turbo's themselves are very cheap and are typicall out of balance. It's not a bad idea to immediately have them re-balanced at (typically only ~ $30 a piece). From my understanding, the exhaust turbines are typically very cheap metals...and are prone to cracking, chipping and worse. I've also heard many, many stories about how poor the fitment of the kit was. It's not unusual to have to cut off the turbo mounting flange from the header and re-weld them to re-clock the turbo's.

    IMHO, you would be far....far better off purchasing a decent completel used kit or a new single turbo kit from B&G for $2750.
  9. I don't see the point of twin turbo unless you're working with an aftermarket block and you can make some serious power. If all you're looking for is 4-500hp, just go with a single turbo and save yourself half the hassle and half the heat. Twin turbo is only useful in 1) spooling quick instead of using one large turbo that spools slower and 2) making X amount of boost that you can't achieve with one turbo. Neither of which should be a problem with a 302 and a decently sized turbo. Most small single turbo kits will make enough boost to split a stock block and will spool fast as hell.
  10. Ya, I would save up and get a better (more complete kit)

    I did the twin turbo route because I plan on a new block in the spring, and I pray that mine doesnt blow up before then, or worse yet like millhouse said and the turbos destroy themselves...

    I'll take pics in the morning and have some here tomorrow evening for ya.
  11. Been running the SSAutochrome Twins for 45k miles. Not a problem with the headers and would say the headers are of excellent quality and would hire that 10 year old from China to do TIG welding for me. I make over 500 rwhp on 10psi and the same turbos that come in the kit I use on Mazda Miata kits and they run them at 20psi all day long at open track events. I will say you can have a lemon with a Garrett unit just like a China unit. My son has a Talon AWD and the Garrett unit only lasted 6 months at 18psi peak and while it was sent back for warranty we used a China Big 16G and beat the crap out of it now for over a year and have the Garrett in the box for when the China unit dies. The SSAutochrome kit is a copy of a unit that cost $6k back in the mid 90's and for under $1k you have all the main parts and When/If you kill the turbos purchase better units. About 2 years ago I did a write up but lost it during a home server crash. It did not matter because everyone including vendors just tried to shoot holes into the kit. When people see the car at open track events I just don't go into that much depth about it but they notice the car. This thing pulls like a Boeing from 2100rpm till 6800 rpm holding 10psi. My Paxton VR4 would kill a Novi 2000 car from 1500rpm-5500rpm but this Twin kit is just a soft hitting monster compared to Nitrous and my Paxton I used for years.
  12. Speedy you got any pics?
  13. Tons. I will post some when I get home tomorrow. I was thinking I had some here on Stangnet.
  14. Basically minus the extra stuff you needed to get, it has been fairly good to you over 45k miles then?
  15. Thats pretty bad ass! Where did you get the Down pipes from since they aren't included in the kit?
  16. Made them with bulk pipe. It took a couple of hours, but everything fit so nice that a 90 degree elbow and some straight pipe for both sides is all it took.
  17. there was a huge thread on this on, but I lost track of it as the guy put his project on haitus. mebbe someone can dredge it up and post the link.
  18. That kit is begging for some heat shields over the turbos...i can't believe you haven't melted the oil fill cap yet.
  19. My hood keeps the temperature way down. Even after racing all day at the track the cap is not even that hot to the touch. I am going to make or get some covers this winter. I am getting bored with the car and been thinking of selling it this winter to build a new yearly car not a seasonal one. I stay away from. I posted my project trying to help others out and it became a joke. I have used the China turbos now for 5 years on Miata turbo kits I build and not one failure because of the unit itself, but failure because of human error.