Ford Mustang 79-93 90 91 5.0L V8 T3/T4 Twin Turbo Kit

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  1. Me too -

    I'd like to hear from more then 2 people with experience. It seems like one review was excellent, the other was "good". (because DP and other things were not included in kit). Otherwise it seems to be not as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

  2. There's a write up on the Merkur forum about how to use a stainless steel cooking pot and cut it down to make a heat shield, and the results are amazing for such a low dollar fix. If you want i'll try to find the thread.
  3. I could see how that would be a easy thing to do. Thanks for the idea.
  4. hay i see you put da ebay twin turbo's on how do they run did they give you much horse power like they say i got a set and haven't put them on yet is they really worth da time
  5. speedystang i got a set of those t3/t4 twin turbo's off ebay did they give ass much horse power i have not put them on yet is they worth da time an is everything a direct bolt on like they say
  6. I have always been curious about these ebay kits,from what people that ACTUALLY have them say ,they dont sound too bad.I think everybody expects these kits to be as easy to install as changing a shift nob without ANY kind of thinking.That s when you get the ''I heard'' they suck ass stories.