Ford Mustang GT40 heads, GT40 intake ect.

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by mutiger93gt, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. I have several parts for sale.

    3 last gt40 tubular upper and lower intake for sale $475 shipped
    View attachment 244128

    real 93 cobra upper and lower both are there $325 shipped

    3 gt40 351 lower intakes $300 each
    View attachment 244129

    ford racing 65mm tb and egr spacer $100 shipped one set left!!!!

    5 sets of ford cobra 1.7 pedestal mount rockers $200 shipped

    1 set of ford racing 1.7s $180 shipped these are the blue ones

    1 f cams, one new one used $160 for the used

    explorer upper with plaque painted very nicely $100 shipped

    msd pro billet distruibutor $200 shipped
    View attachment 244130

    c&l mass air for 24s $80 shipped sold....

    lightning intake plaque $100 shipped for the tubular intake
    View attachment 244131

    brand new bbk 75mm tb and egr spacer $200 still have and its on ebay!!!
    View attachment 244132

    edelbrock victor jr intake carb $150

    edelbrock air gap intake carb $150

    Pro 5.0 t5 shifter $125

    t5 bellhousing $50

    24 lb'ers $75 shipped
    View attachment 244133

    more to come...

    thats about all for now, pm or email about more parts!!!!

    [email protected]

    I have some of the parts on ebay:
  2. ttt parts added.
  3. ttt for new prices.
  4. ttt parts added. some are on ebay...
  5. ttt part list updated, pics added :D
  6. ttt new stuff on ebay...
  7. location?
  8. what size valves? what springs?
  9. is the lower still available
  10. 58 cc or 62 cc gt 40x? Do you have more pics of the gt-40s? Are they all the tubular style intake? If so how much for all 3? I have a lot of mustang buddies.
  11. Aluminum heads are sold. I still have two sets of gt40 cast iron heads and one set that is not rebuilt. One set is explorer, one is lightning. They have the stock springs. I have gt40 intakes, two of them (upper and lowers) and one polished upper by itself.
  12. the lightning heads, will the fit a 5.0?
  13. yes they will.
  14. gt40 lower intake for 302 or 351?
  15. Check your e-mail, please.
  16. how much to ship a set of heads to canada
  17. $200 to ship to canada. I have a real cobra 5.0 lower intake from a 1993 mustang cobra. very, very rare. can sell with a tubular upper or by itself.
  18. What do you want for the non rebuilt GT40 heads?
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