Ford Mustang GT40 heads, GT40 intake ect.

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by mutiger93gt, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. I still have two sets of gt40 cast iron heads and one set that is not rebuilt

    What do you want for the Not rebuilt heads?
  2. $300 plus the ride..
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    whats the price of shipping on the lightning heads to fort carson colorado 80913
  4. $100 i have to box up each head in its own box.
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  6. are the intakes for a 351 or 302?
  7. gt40 intake

    is this, 1 last gt40 tubular intake for sale $360 plus shipping
    still available

    if yes how much is shipping to CA 92880

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  9. bbk fenderwell cold air intake $80

    how much shipped to 35954 alabama?
    also you got pic of it? [email protected]
  10. probably 15 dollars, if you go to the ebay link there are pics of it.
  11. do you still have the gt40 heads and if so are they the gt40 or gt40p and how much shipped to 43612 toledo, ohio
  12. they are the regular gt40s and it would be about $70 to ship.
  13. I will have one monday.
  14. Hey thanks so how much all together for the heads and are they rebuilt thanks man
  15. sorry, all my heads are sold.
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  17. do you have any gt-40 tubular manifolds left?
  18. I have three of them.
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