Ford Mustang Racer Paul Brown 1969-2012

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    Ford Mustang and racing fans across this great nation lost one of the best this week to skin cancer at just 43. The crew here at the StangNet shop wanted to take this post and pay homage to one of the coolest racing characters, both on and off the track. We ran into Paul last summer during the Mid America Shelby Meet in Tulsa, OK and he certainly put on a good showing for the Mustang crowd on-hand both on the track and around the podium. It’s just truly sad for all who were involved with Brown’s racing team (Paul Brown / Tiger Racing) as well as Kenny Brown Performance (owned by Paul’s father, Kenny), and most significantly, the ones left behind in Brown’s immediate family.
    Paul was diagnosed with skin cancer back in March 2012, just ahead of the 2012 World Challenge season kicked off, and as a result of the affliction, he missed much of this season’s racing action, letting Justin Bell take the helm for the majority of the races. Throughout this year’s season, Brown managed to get several laps in and also posted a solid podium finish on occasion, to keep himself immersed in the sport, its action, and most importantly, its fans.
    With exposure to SCCA, NASA, and countless events supporting the Ford Mustang cause across the nation, Paul Brown and his team touched a lot of fans’ hearts and never ceased to just plainly “keep it real” with interactions and good conversation.
    Keep reading to get some more of the key points in Paul’s career, as well as ceremonial information in the official Press Release from Kenny Brown. From all of us here at StangNet, we want to say “God speed, Paul…and take that checkered flag to the stars”.
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