Ford Mustang Set For An Official New Zealand Launch

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  1. It looks like the global marketing campaign for the upcoming Ford Mustang model is continuing to take shape, with more and more countries around the planet getting the new Mustang, in “official” distribution capacity. Earlier this week, Ford announced the next generation Mustang is definitely a go for the major Asia Pacific markets of Australia and New Zealand. Aside from the fact it will definitely be a right-hand drive configuration, Ford didn’t really let much else out of the bag past its already known “One Ford” global marketing mix of vehicle offerings.

    Even Mustang enthusiasts down under have loads of speculation about power plant options, with the words EcoBoost and direct-injection turbo passing across the scene.

    “Performance car buyers will be able to get behind the wheel of the legendary Mustang when it returns to Australia in right hand drive,” said Ford executive VP Jim Farley. “One Ford is opening the door for Australians and consumers around the world to our best-ever portfolio of vehicles and giving them new reasons to look again at Ford. The Ford Mustang is one of these vehicles.”

    It looks like everyone’s invited to the party on this one, folks. The 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang is definitely going to be a smash of a hit…

    Source: New Zealand Herald

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