Ford Mustang Test Of Vibrating Led Shift Knob

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  1. Gone are the days when kids are forced into learning to drive a manual as part of driver’s education, and even more prominent is the slush box automatic transmission. But while the lack of rowing gears through the years might not have affected the Ford Mustang as much as other automobiles on the road, it’s easy enough to see that automatic and CVT transmissions are by far the majority the populous desires.

    So, what’s a good compromise for the Mustang driver who wants the advantages and capabilities of a manual gearbox, but fears the sometimes intimidating initial learning curve which comes along with learning just what to do, and when, the time comes about to shift? Well, how about a shift knob which both illuminates and vibrates when the “typical” shift point is reached, in order to help a less-skilled driver achieve the experience of driving a manual at a more rapid pace.

    With LED technology, parts from an Xbox, and a little bit of Open Source crowd-sourcing, the following video gives you the answers to the questions held this whole time. Enjoy!

    Source: MotorTrend

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