Ford Mustang Variants Queued For 2012 Sema Show

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    If you’re actually able to get a flight away from (hurricane) Sandy and enjoy the scenery of Las Vegas, then the 2012 SEMA show is going to deliver, for sure. OK, Ford Mustang fans, you know the drill here–get ready to take on a barrage of aftermarket Mustang customizations and modifications, all bent on separating you from your wallet. Ford has let out a preview menu of what’s to come with a massive list of teasers, with their very own SEMA page featuring their specials. In addition to Ford’s official spin-offs, other SEMA editions by Ringbrothers, Mothers, Autosport Dynamics, RTR, DSO Eyewear, Stitchcraft, 3dCarbon, Kenny Brown, and M2-Motoring are set to steal the show from the poser competition.
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