35th Anniv Ford Nationals Carlisle, PA "T" Building

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 6T9_CHARGER_RT, May 13, 2011.

  1. Just got the invite for my '99 LE to be in the Invitational T Building this year at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA!
    June 3-5

    Stop by & say hi :flag:

    Try not to pick my car apart too bad though...hopefully I can hang with the big dogs in there ;)

  2. I will stop by one of the days with my LE.. I live in Delaware, not that far away from Carlisle.
  3. Cool! Look forward to seeing some other LE's

    I hope this show is as good as the Mopar show. Been going to that one with my Charger for the last 7 years. In 2009 I was in the "Retro 1969 Dealership" building with the Charger....every year is a blast!

  4. Post up some pics of your Charger, would love to see it.

  5. Always glad to oblige with pics of my first love :flag:

    A shot with the Red line tires & stock Road Wheels

    A shot with the new set of shoes I got last season (still have the Red lines for severe show duty ;) )

    440 Magnum....slightly warmer than stock cam, heads etc....stock & correct intake, carb, exh manifolds etc


    Interior.. 727 auto trans with reverse manual valvebody...rear is a 3.55 ratio 8 3/4" with Sure-grip

  6. Wow what great looking ride. Like the old school stocker, but love the new wheels too!


  7. Show was a good time....I was the only '99 LE at the whole show for the 4 days! I was so shocked that there wasnt 1 other one....the entire Fun Field was all Mustangs of all years!


    The building was filled with a lot of high dollar rides....I felt really out of place in there! This shot was just proof that someone actually cared to look at my ride! ;)

  8. My model making friend, look real good to me!
  9. I'm at carlisle every years with 96 gt of my friend, but this years I was in virginia for the SAAC 36, weekend before carlisle with my stang.

    Next years we gonna be at least two LE at carlisle :nice: