Ford Nine Inch, 69 Windsor Heads & Mustang Parts

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  1. I have the following Ford / Mercury / Lincoln (FoMoCo) parts for sale:

    Complete Ford Nine Inch Rear End with Disc Brakes. It has "Torino" ends (big bearing).
    Several 9 inch center carriers (pumpkins) WAR Case & C7AW-E Cases. The 9 in ratios are 3.89, 3.50, and 2.78, and all are for 28 spline axles. One is a trac-loc (traction lock / posi / limited slip).
    Ford 8" rearend for v8 289 65-66 Mustang (Comet or Falcon too), 3.00:1 ratio & newer brakes.
    1965-1966 NEW Mustang Monte Carlo Bar (chrome & straight)
    1965-1970 Mustang Export Brace Chrome
    GT-40 Lower intake for 5.8 L (351W) from a 1995 Cobra R. It is the same as FRPP M-9461-A58 lower 351 (5.8L) GT-40 intake manifold as found in a 93-95 Ford Lightning Truck.
    Holley 625 cfm carburator.
    Rebuildable 1978 302 block, crank & rods
    1969 351W heads (some mild pocket porting done, hardened valve seats, Manley valves, Crower springs, screw in rocker studs & guide plates). D0OE (DOOE) casting. These are the best factory Windsor heads available and can bolt onto a 260, 289, 302, 5.8 L or 5.0 L motor.
    Two 1994-2004 Bullitt / Mach 1 rims 17x8 inch wheels (aka bullit, bullet, bulet, bulit, bulett, bulitt, bullett). Stock anthracite color.
    Five vintage Torque Thrust D wheels. 14 inch.
    65-66 Mustang V8 Spindles, drums, etc.
  2. * WAR Case, 0E27 date code, 3.89 gears, Ford 9"
    * C7AW-E Case, 7H29 date code, 2.78 gears, trac-loc (traction lock / posi / limited slip), 9 in.
    * C4AW case, 5K22 date code 3.50 gear ratio, 9 inch
  3. Do you still have the 351 gt40 lower?
  4. price on the 9" with trac-loc?

  5. I'm interested in bullit rims, what is your location and price?
  6. I am interested in a 9", 28-spline limited slip differential, like the traction lock, for my '65. I want to put 4.11 gears in it, if this makes a difference. Please let me know if you can help me. My number is *503)830-3832 in Portland, Oregon. Thanks.

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