1. So I added the deeper blue ford oval on my hatch. I think it compliments my car color better than the light blue. Have one for the nose but it looks like a Pain to get too....

  2. I plan on deleting all of my badging altogether except for the 5.0 emblems. They make the car.
  3. I have a black oval in my front grille. None anywhere else.
  4. Interesting, looks good. What's behind those badges? I usually like to take all of mine off, but I had a '94 GT that had holes behind the "GT" emblems, so I had to put it back on. :(
  5. When I had my silver '03GT...I tried like hell to find a silver one.
  6. Its a direct fit, it has studs that go into the holes and little self tapping nuts make the thread. I have also seen stickers that go over them online, might be an easy way to cover it up with your color.
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  7. theres holes behind the Ford ovals

  8. ahh, the power of the internet


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  9. thinking about putting a chrome and white one on the front of my gt

  10. I seen a guy that painted them red, didn't look right at all.
  11. maybe on a red car
  12. Yo from that guys pics, I think that white one with black lettering would look great on yours. You could also go white with chrome lettering too, I would print it out and go mock it up to see the best contrast on your ride :nice:
  13. Btw when can I have my dirt bike back??
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  15. Finally updated the dark blue oval to the front nose. The new one had the plastic studs, 3 of them. The old one was flat with no studs or holes in the nose. I used a snips to clip the studs off and smoothed them down for an even install.

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  16. That looks really good. I didn't expect it to be much different, but it's perfect now.
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  17. Thnx, in the sun really helps even the tone of the color, real happy with it now!!
  18. Wow, makes a big difference. Looks great!
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