Digital Tuning Ford Power Pack V K&n Cai

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  1. I'm not sure anyone has an exact number. I only know that we haven't had any here from Steeda. We've had zero cylinder 8 failures.
  2. I have a '12 GT and had the FRPP power pack put on as soon as CARB released it. Absolutely love it! Still a good daily driver but power and noise when I want. The warranty was the driving factor for me as well. I got the stick with 373 rear end and just wanted a little more punch plus hated the skip-shift.

    You'll love it!
  3. My decision has been made, I bought the FRPP today for $308 + shipping. Should be here later this week. I just filled up with 93 octane the other day so my car is ready! I'll post again once it's set up and I test it out.:cool:
  4. Just had the FRPP installed yesterday and I have to say it's a different horse to drive now. It feels way faster especially taking off in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. MPG seems to be about the same, but I'll have to test it over time as it varies a lot based on wind and where I'm going. I can hardly wait to get this pony on the Grattan Speedway in September.

    Thanks for all of the advice. I do appreciate it.
  5. How are you liking the FRPP tune so far? I'm leaning towards getting it because of the warranty.
  6. well my 2 cents,i have a 13 gt automatic,i installed a brenspeed 93 street tune,steeda cai.373s,roush axle back,eibach springs. car runs awesome i have always run 93 octane from the get go, if i travel out of state will put the 91 tune in just in case i can tget 93,but i would always run 93 as long as i can get it,this is american muscle not a 4 banger,u bought a kool car dont be a nickel dick about fuel cost a few pennies either way
  7. I am loving the tune so far. It's amazing how much quicker it feels off the line, it's like a whole different horse to drive now. MPG seems to be about the same on the highway although I now have to use at least 91 octane. I recommend it, especially if you want to keep the Ford warranty. I bought mine for $317 including shipping and $100 to have the dealer install it (to have the warranty). I checked with 2 local dealers and they couldn't come close to the purchase price I got from a dealer in MN. I did pay $10 more to have the dealer I bought the car from install it, but to keep it all in the same house so to speak I think was worth it.
  8. The procal tune is a fun road tune. You're aren't really gaining much peak power but, it makes the engine feel much more lively, less laggy on the throttle response and generally more fun to drive. Big torque boost down low helps non-3.73 cars alot. It also boosts fuel mileage quite markedly. I got the tuner&k&n filter only package for about $280 and had a local Ford dealer put it on for $60 (the k&n sits on the shelf, unused). You can't beat the punch per dollar there and the maintenance of the 3/36 through FRPP is fine. Some people find a bit of ping with this tune, as it tends to work the spark advance quite hard. I find doing a crank sensor relearn every few months (tuner box does this) solves the problem.
  9. why don't you use the K&N?
  10. No power gained with the K&N over the paper and increased risk of MAF fouling from the oilplus reduced filtering.
  11. Did you get it out to the track yet?
  12. The track I go to once a year is Grattan Raceway and the event is coming up on Sept 15-16. It's a 2-mile road course with 11 turns including several hills. I just signed up for it and am looking forward to it. The event is technically a Driver's School, but it boils down to a lot of lap time in classes based on your car + your experience. No "trading paint" will take place, just a fairly safe place to drive really fast. Last year I had only had my 'stang for about a month and had less than 2k miles on it. Right now I have a little under 6k miles on it + the FRPP. I'm looking forward to better results. I did a YouTube video last year. Here's the link if you're interested -
  13. Nice! Have fun this year. I only do the 1/4 mile runs and haven't tried a road course yet in my car.
  14. About the time I took delivery on my '12 (Mid August) "Car and Driver" did an article called "Best Handling Car Under $40k" - October 2011 edition. They compared the Mustang GT, Miata, Mini, Lancer EVO, 370Z, & VW GTI. They tested the cars at Grattan. They rated the Mustang 3rd, but if you look at the numbers, it should have been 1st. Basically they rated it low on steering response and the seats. What I'm pointing out to you is that the Mustang is a great 1/4 mile car and a great road course car as well - Best of both worlds in one really cool package!!! Check out a car club's driver's school in your area and have a BLAST!
  15. Well, I had my 2 days at Grattan Raceway and had a BLAST! I added 3-mph to my top speed and cut 3-4 seconds off my lap time. I credit my increase in top speed to the FRPP, but most of the reduction in lap time to my increased proficiency in driving. The only downside I've noticed in the FRPP is I have definately seen a 2-3 mpg drop in highway fuel ecomony as compared to stock tune & 89 octane. I didn't expect that based on other reports and I would think the increased power + 93 octane would cause the engine to work less hard to maintain cruising speed on the highway = better mpg. I may need to call Ford to see if they can/would make an adjustment to the tune.
  16. the tune is 16 horsepower hardly worth worring about.. and the dealers make 100 buck for 15 mins..nice deal they have
  17. I see the tdb covers up to the '12 model year. Has anyone heard if the #8 cylinder issue has carried over to the '13 model year. I figure they must have changed something since the stock numbers went from 412 to 420bhp
  18. i haven't herd of an '13 having the issue but time will tell...MMR has thier kits which works very well in curtailing the head cooling issue
  19. I have not read about any '13's with the issue. I suspect this is all getting/has gotten ironed out before. The changes I know of in the engine is oil squirters are gone, and the pistons have new coatings & machining. That said, I'm still not tuning for a while; 420HP is plenty (for now).