Ford Pro-Cal tool

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  1. Does anyone have any information on Fords Pro-Cal tool?

    How does it compare to the Predator or X-cal?

    Does it allow adjustment for changing axel ratio and/or tire size?
    Air fuel ratio?
  2. If not. Can you download any mods over the internet?
  3. If your looking for axle ratio, and tire size changes. You will need to purchase the FRPP flash tool, that comes with their drag pak.

    Otherwise you cannot make any adjustments, or changes whatsoever.

    When compared to the Predator or X-Cal II. The FRPP flash tool, is nothing more than just a simple programmer that uploads their basic 91 octane tune, for their cold air intake. And that's pretty much about it, unless you purchase the one programmed for their drag pak. However once again, the FRPP device is non-adjustable, and has a very mild/conservative tune. Which is mostly for emissions purposes.

    IMHO you would be far better off, and much happier if you purchase either the Predator, or X-CAL II programmer. As a matter of fact. I purchased the FRPP cold air intake, and X-CAL II directly from Steeda. Who btw: designs the FRPP CAI for Ford Racing Performance Parts.

    You can also purchase both the FRPP/Steeda intake, and X-CAL II package that also includes your choice of 3 custom preloaded tunes, from Brenspeed for $624.00 :nice:
  4. Sorry, there's no Mod Napster. :D

    The FRPP flash tool is useless compared to the XCal or Predator. There's many more options, and more tuning ability with the XCal or Predator. The tunes that come with the FRPP tuner are very mild.
  5. This answers my question.

    Btw: What I meant by "If not. Can you download any mods over the internet?" was: after I make modifications, can I downlode the neccesaty modifications to the program.

    Beside the point now.

    Information such as "Steeda. Who btw: designs the FRPP CAI for Ford Racing Performance Parts." I really like to know.

    Thanks guys.
  6. I was just joshin' ya'. Glad you got the info you needed. With the two tuners we suggested, you can also download updated tunes when you add mods. Depending on the mod, you may have to pay to update the tune.
  7. You really like to know what ??? IF your asking who designs the FRPP cold air intake.. The answer is definitely Steeda !
  8. i think he was stating that he appreciated the fact that you included the information. most people probably would not have included that information in the post. good post rocky. :nice:
  9. Thanks for clearing that up Bigcat. As I had some difficulty in understanding his interpretation. For I couldn't quite figure out, if he was stating something. Or asking a question. :shrug:
  10. FRPP is in the process of redesigning the Pro-Cal tool.

    When you order the Pro-Cal tool you will specify your computer code taken from the sticker on the case, tire circumference, gear ratio, and fuel octane (91 or 93 only). As of now, this information is used to make the one premium tune you get.

    The tool is only meant to be used with one of their parts such as cold air kit, drag pack, or supercharger kit.

    The next generation pro-cal tool is hopefully going to offer things like tire size/axle ratio adjustment and other minor parameters. It will not offer any end-user tuning parameters such as fuel or spark.

    As stated by others, it is much better to go with a Predator or SCT that has pre-loaded tunes for many cold air kits and can accept custom tuning, data log, and also allow you, the end user, many parameters to adjust on your own.