Ford Pulled the Order Guide

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  1. Ford has apparently been requesting that the order guide floating around the web be removed. It has been removed from the site I was originally sending people to for reference. Although this guide was just a draft, why would Ford be so diligent at taking it down? What's the big deal if we know the options? There are no prices in it. Anyway... I may have a copy if someone happens to have a question about it. :D
  2. I think we may all have a copy... :rlaugh:
  3. The initial draft ws dated January of this year was it not? It's likely that it might not be accurate or it's out of date. Then they end up with the headaches of people filing into dealerships saying "but I thought it would have this and this..."
  4. I dont have a copy, havent seen it yet :(
  5. A good company, a company who actually cared about its customers, would have instead sent the website owner a new, more accurate, copy to replace the old one. :chair:

    That would have solved Ford's problem, and still kept customers (like us) happy. :jester:
  6. So, by that, I take it that you won't be buying an '05 mustang becuause of this?

    Why "replace" a document that was probably leaked in the first place? What if the final order guide isn't ready yet?

    If they want to keep me happy, they can build a decent car that lives up to the hype and offer it in the color I want. Beyond that, I don't care.
  7. Who cares...that thing was so full of errors and contradictions, it looked like a "photochop" (if such a thing exists with documents) anyway.
  8. It wasn't a chop job, but I agree, it was full of contradictions and errors. If I find a final guide, I'll try to post it.

    Just a thought: If it was a chop, why would Ford be contacting people and threatening lawsuits if they don't remove it? Wouldn't they do that with the chopped pictures, too, in that case?
  9. Yep! :nice:

  10. probably so that people don't go to dealerships expecting what is on that form.
  11. But, in that case they should be asking that chopped photos be removed as well... so that people don't go to the dealerships expecting was in the pictures.
  12. Well any chopped photo is not from ford. the only photos they would acknowledge are the ones that they released( the gt in red and v6 in blue)
  13. What about the 2005 Mustang GT Ford is showing with no fogs but with rally stripes? I wonder just how many people will try to order that combination?
  14. Right on!
  15. thats the v6
  16. the chopped photos aren't from Ford, now are they?
  17. Does everyone who sees them, knows that? Especially after they get posted, copied, and re-posted elsewhere several times.

    Actually, I would say that 90% of the 2005 Mustang photos on the 'net right now, are photo-shopped pics without any notice of such. I am sure that Ford dealers will have to deal with people coming in with copies of those pics, and telling the dealer "this is what I want".
  18. I don't think it's quite that high. And yes some people probably will ask about them. But those are likely the same people that thought the concept was the production car