1. Well, I got to play Ford Racing 2 tonight, and I'm sold !

    After the all rice BS from NFS underground, I got to race some real cars.
    Racing messed up honda's is fun, but racing a 68 fastback or the new 2005 GT is much much much cooler :D

    some screenies I took while racing the 68 fastback
    (they are kinda big, have fun downloading)

    68 Fastback front

    68 Factback rear

    Kinda crappy menu

    trying a U turn

    The menus are poor, the sounds are not all that :rolleyes:
    but at least there's a descent game out there with mustangs in it :nice:

    Oh yeah, no 2.3 Turbo's :(
  2. The graphics look a little choppy when it comes to the scenery......The cars look cool tho!:nice:
  3. this game is really fun. got it at wal-mart for $10. great game. :hail2: