Ford Racing CAI and Procal Tool

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  1. M-9603-GT05

    Ford Racing Performance Parts

    This "hardware" was standard on the 2007-2008 Shelby GT and GTH
    Designed for those that want the Ford Racing intake and official Ford Racing Engineered performance calibration.

    Mounts in location of stock airbox
    Kit comes with hardware and ProCal tool!
    Reuse of mass air meter sensor required.

    This kit was used for testing and has 75 miles on it then was removed, it is just like new. Have original box and instructions. This is the complete 90 mm cold air kit with the Ford Procal tool. No other Aftermarket Cold Air Kits are engineered and built quality wise like the Ford Factory Performance Parts. Emissions legal!

    Fits and works with a 2005 Mustang GT with 5 speed and factory 3.55 gear ratio. I am not sure if the Procal will work with the 2006, and it will not work with a 2007+, but it can be sent back to ford if you don't have a 2005.

    Significant performance gains.

    The tuner is open, unlocked and ready for your car, very simple to use, basically it's on or off. Not too much to think about as far as putting on the performance tune. Directions are on the tuner and a 1 sheet instruction manual as well.

    These Ford CAI and procal kits go for around $662+ plus shipping, so this is a smoking hot deal. My price is $325 plus shipping.

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  2. Hey, hows it going man, do you still have this CAI, and procal available and if so, is it still for sell? Thank you.
  3. Not for sale anymore
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