Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

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  1. yeah, thats much better than the $300 steeda plates.

    are you going to dyno after the install to see what it gains?
  2. I bought mine 2 weeks ago for $95 delivered. Can't beat that!
  3. do you have to wait until the 10th as well, or did they already ship?
  4. Where did you buy yours? What is your take on this mod. I have read mixed reviews, but most were very positive and most really liked the mod. I have heard everything from 5 to 12 rwhp at peak and 5 to 15 rwhp across the board. Also a gain in torque. But for under a 100 bucks, even if it only nets a 5rwhp gain it is worth it. Also most have stated that it really helps the throttle response.

    Bigcat they siad that wheren't avialable until Oct 10th.
  5. I like the mod- I can post pix if you want. The only thing that I dislike about the mod (so far) is that upon cold startup, my car idles at around 1500 rpm for several seconds, then slowly comes down. Brent at Brenspeed may be able to adjust for this though......... Otherwise, easy install, better response, a little more power: all for less than $100, can't beat it.
  6. did you have canned tune right now?
  7. I have a custom tune from Brenspeed, but they modified that just for the addition of the plates and re-emailed it to me. So, I guess it's kind of like a custom canned tune:rlaugh:. Like I said I'm going there next week to get the tuned on the dyno with the plates installed. I was at 296/316 and since then I added Steeda pullies, these plates, and 4.10 gears- so I won't be able to tell you how much I gained just from the plates. I don't believe much in SOTP feel, but the reponse is noticeably better and the car revs quicker.

  8. sounds good.
  9. Install took me about an hour, including stopping to take pictures every couple of minutes. Here's the highlights:

    FRPP plates:
    View attachment 437523

    Engine with intake removed:
    View attachment 437526

    Factory intake with factory plates still bolted on:
    View attachment 437528

    Close up of the seals- remove these from the factory plates and install them into the FRPP delete plates:
    View attachment 437530

    I left the actuator motor in place but removed the arms:
    View attachment 437532

    After that, just reinstall the whole assembly, make sure you plug in everything that you unplugged; upload your new tune, and ripass.

  10. did you install new gaskets? Does the car sound any different?
  11. Rookie question - what is this part? What does it do? Does it require a tune?
  12. No, you just reuse the original gaskets.

    No, I don't notice any difference in sound.

  13. there is a lot of mixed opinions on the function of these on THIS car. On earlier models it was for low end torque. From what I have gathered it is for low torque and emissions on this car. yes it does require a custom tune, the whole tune needs to be reworked.
  14. Wow... I've been wanting to CMD's for a while now. Can't beat $100!!

    Steeda will for sure have to bring down their prices.
  15. I got my delete plates from as well. The install was easy. I got a tune from bamachips to work with mine, and I have not noticed any loss in the bottom end.

    Though I think I may have lost about 1 mpg, which kinda makes sense since I believe this is one of the reasons for the valves in the first place.

    I will need to actually pay more attention to validate whether this 1 mpg loss is a reality, because I have been driving a little faster lately to test out the plates through the rpm range and makes sure everything was running smooth.
  16. So with the stock plates, they only completely open at WoT right? That's the only time the arm allows for it? It's full range of motion?

  17. I was thinking that it was more RPM related than throttle position related, but I could be wrong. As if to say, that they only opened above a set RPM rather than only at WOT. Someone else may know for sure.
  18. its rpm not wot