Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

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  1. Man, I can't wait until tomorrow........ I get better everyday :D (j/k)
  2. It's both. SCT program Pro states that the plates are open at .60 Thottle Position release at 2250 rpm, .475 TP release @ 2900 rpm and full open at 3250 with a zero TP release.

    This can all be changed with the SCT Xcal2 Pro.
  3. Good thing I was joking before.....

    Thanks for the info!
  4. Please help me here. What exactly does this device do? Also, you say the install is easy, but can you walk me through an oveview of the basic install? How long does it take and are there any compexities? Thanks in advance!
  5. It is suppose to give you better fuel economy and help with I have been told.

    It is NOT varible intake timing as some have said. That is a rather complex process involving a cam and the valves.

    What it is, is a simple intake modulator.

    Running with an aftermarket one I have heard does the following from various peeps.

    A) Inceases HP and low end TRQ (3-5)

    B) Improves throttle response (the tune does this anyway, though)

    C) Improve rev speed. RPMs come up faster (again, tune does this, though)

    D) Decreases fuel economy by 1mpg or so.

    Others please feel free to correct or add on.

  6. This is the guide I used for the installation.

    The only thing I didn't do was separate the spring lock fuel line connection. I simply moved the fail rails as a whole off to the side of the engine bay.

    In a nutshell these are the steps.

    1) Remove your CAI or stock airbox.

    2) Unplug the electrical plugs that go into the fuel injectors

    3) Unplug the electrical plugs into the throttle body.

    4) Unplug the electrical plug to the charge motion valve motor in the back of the intake plenum.

    5) Remove all the hoses that attach to the plenum.

    6) Pull out the fuel rails and injectors, and move to the side

    7) Unbolt the plenum (5 bolts on each side)

    8) Remove intake plenum

    9) Unbolt valve control motor and old plates, and remove the gaskets from the stock plates.

    10) Put gaskets into the new plates and bolt the new plates right back into the intake plenum.

    11) Reinstall everything.

    It took me about a little over an hour. The pictures in the attached article are pretty good in illustrating the above steps.

  7. Tom, I have a question for you ?? I have the X-Cal II Strategy Flash canned tuner which has an option to delete the factory CMVC plates, in your opinion would it be safe to install the FRPP plates while using the Strategy Flash tuner ? or should I just wait until getting a custom tune on the dyno, before installing the delete plates ? Anyway, hope that doesn't sound like a dumb question :shrug:

  8. From everything that I've read, if your tuner has the option enabled to allow for the delete plates, you should be good to go. There are several options that the tuner can come with- I don't mean options as in different tunes, but rather options in what you can modify on the particular tunes. For example, the tunes that I get from Brenspeed I can go into and modify for different options (gears, idle speed, tire size, etc.) but the tune that I got from Bamachips will not allow me to change anything.

    If you have the option of deleting the plates in your tuner, then you should be good to go. I've heard of several people having this option enabled and not having problems. I'd try it; worse thing that could happen is that your car will go into fail-safe mode immediately and you'll just have to reset it.

    But, I bet you'll be good.

  9. you'll be perfectly fine by using that cmrv delete option in your canned tune. My XCal came with the canned tune along with that option. When I installed my delete plates, I just used that option and the car was fine. I talked with a couple tuners and a couple people that work for SCT and everyone confirmed that this option in the canned tune does indeed change the fuel/spark tables for the delete plates. You'll be perfectly fine! :)

    I only got the BamaChips tune later on because I got power hungry :)
  10. Mine wasn't any faster with the BAMA tune. I didn't dyno the two tunes (Original tune from Lamotta and the tune form BAMA). The car just didn't feel any faster, it did however have better low end torque and better throttle response. The car didn't have the seat of the pants feeling as much. Doug at BAMA is great, I know of a lot of people that are extremely happy with their tunes from Doug. I do have the option in the tune to turn the plates off when I install them. We need to have more people post on this thread about their opinions on this mod.
  11. Thanks Tom, ProMod and JT for all your input and advice, I'm extremely very grateful..Although more than likely, I'll end up waiting until this coming spring before doing a CMVC mod, However before putting my Stang away in storage for the winter I plan on taking a 2 hour trip to Powerhouse Automotive to get my car custom tuned on their Mustang Eddy chassis dyno..I recently had both my A/F along with my HP and Torque checked with my Steeda CAI and canned tunes with the X-Cal II Strategy Flash tuner and apparantly the best they could get out of it was 277.2 max HP and 292.1 max Torque @13.1 A/F However, I made the mistake by not getting a stock baseline tune first, so I really can't make a comparison as to how much HP and Torque was gained between stock and then with the CAI ? but it seems as though those max HP and Torque numbers seem kind of low even for a canned tune and CAI..Anyway, what do you guys think ?? would you recommend a custom tune ? or just leave well enough alone ? :shrug:
  12. Just installed mine this evening. Took a little less than an hour. No issues than a little annoyance with the tune. I need to get Doug to take a look at it this week. But, the SOTP does feel stronger in mid to high RPM in ervery gear.

    Update: I reloaded the tune and everything is great!
  13. Are you saying you had better low end torque with the Bama tune? And when you say you didn't have the SOTP feeling do you mean when compared to the stock plates?

    I'm just wondering because I noticed no bottom end loss whatsoever after I installed the plates, but I've also been running just Bama tunes.

    My problem is that I get used to the feeling of my car way too quickly. After driving the car two or three times after a new mod, I begin to forget what it felt like before.
  14. I liked my original tune better.
  15. if you are getting a custom tune anyway, might as well install the plates before you go. or wait for the dyno until the spring when you have the plates. you need to put the stang away for the winter anyway, right? why waste the money? :shrug:
  16. that seems about right on those numbers. There are so many factors that effect your results. Stock Mustang GT put down between 255 and 265 stock HP. Again that depends on the mileage on the car and a truck load of other factors. So don't get hung up on numbers from others, just check your numbers between mods and don't forget to factor in the outside temp, the temp of the car, and the humidity. Just a few factors that really make a difference on the dyno. Were those numbers on a dynojet or a mustang dyno, from my understanding there is about a 10% difference between the two dynos. Correct me if I am wrong.
  17. Your correct JT..the numbers I posted were from a dynojet, but as I said earlier I also made a huge mistake by not getting a baseline with just the stock tune and airbox first, so I really can't do a before and after comparison I just assumed like you said that the stock HP numbers are between 255 and 265 However who's to say as to whether or not my stock numbers could have been lower than 255 ? its also like you mentioned, theres all kinds of different factors that effect the results..
  18. Your also right Bigcat, and perhaps you can answer this as well..Would you recommend that before I install the delete plates, that I should get a baseline with just the stock airbox and factory tune first ? so this way, I'll know exactly what the results are before and after adding the SCT tune and CAI ??
  19. Here's another question ? being that a custom tune is required for the CMVC delete plates..What if in the event, you have to take your vehicle back to the dealership for servicing or need warranty work done and have to reflash back to stock ?..Do you have to remove the delete plates and then put the stock plates back in ?? or is it safe to leave the delete plates in after reflashing back to stock ??:shrug: