Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

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  1. Once you install those plates, you don't want to ever reinstall the stock tune. It's been said the car will "drive" ok, but it won't take too long for it to go into fail safe mode. I don't know how long it takes?
  2. We installed these plates on my neighbor's car last week and his results were outstanding just like mine were. He has no loss in bottom end, and the car actually pulls harder on the low end.

    Before, his mods consisted of:
    SCT XCal 2 w/ some shop's tune I can't remember who
    DeMolet Tuneable Induction cai
    MAC off-road X-pipe
    ran an 8.53 @ 83.5 mph w/ 2.00 60'

    FRPP cmrv deletes
    BamaChips tune
    Steeda pulleys
    BBK shorty headers
    ran an 8.39 @ 85.79 mph w/ 1.99 60.

    Track conditions and 60' times were almost identical for both ET's, and this was an 1/8 mile track. I know we installed pulleys & shorty headers as well but we're talking about a 2.3 mph gain in the 1/8 mile!!!! More proof, these parts work.
  3. pro mod did you loose any mpg, if so was the loss in fuel economy worth it?
  4. it seems as if you regret not getting a baseline. if it makes you feel better to have the baseline numbers and feel it is necessary, go for it. then you will have the baseline numbers, the CAI/tune numbers, and the delete plate numbers. :nice:

    i think PRO MOD answered the question for you. after you install the plates, try to see how long it goes without throwing a code. that will determine if you can flash back to stock with minimal problems or not. another thing to consider is the type of warranty work needed. if it is something unrelated to the drivetrain, you should not have many problems. if they need to road test your car, then you may run into trouble quickly with the plates and factory tune. just something to consider....
  5. Thanks for answering both questions Bigcat..After carefully thinking over your recommendations ? I'm not going to waste more money by getting a baseline done..As for the delete plates ?? I'm also going to hold off on both the plates and custom tune until at least this upcoming spring...In the meantime ? that should provide plenty of time to work out an arrangement with my local service manager to not update nor reflash the PCM without my consent first..:nice:
  6. I lost no mpg with the plates.
    I have made the comment in the past that I believed I lost .5 mpg with the plates; but then it dawned on me that it had nothing to do with them. Before I had the plates, I ran my canned SCT tune in "fuel economy" mode... that's when I averaged 23.5 mpg. I only switched it to "normal" mode when I was racing.
    The cmrc plates + BamaChips tune gets me 23.0 mpg, but this is due to not having a "fuel economy" option. Has nothing to do with the plates, and no custom tune that I know of has this option... only the canned tunes.
  7. I have ordered the plates. The only tune that I have for them is my current tune in the x-cal2, but with the option of turning them off. I was wondering how the canned sct tunes are for this mod.
  8. Installed Ford plates last night and then Brenspeed 91 octane delete tune. It was raining last night so couldn't try them out. Had a chance to do that this morning and was impressed. Had to be careful as roads were a little wet so left traction control on. Car started just fine, revs quicker than before and SOTP certainly feels better. Idle and revs at start same as with 91 octane tune before, about 1800 then comes down naturally within a few seconds. Took all old hardware off.

    06Gt Tungsten, C.& L. Xcal2, 91 octane tune, Homelink mirror, plenum cover, cmcv delete plates, Shelby front.
  9. Got mine today, $89. Not installing them until I have the rest of my n/a mods though. So it's going to be a while. :\
  10. $89 shipped, or plus shipping?
  11. for the price these are being sold at, there will be a greater amount of people who have this mod.
  12. Any dyno numbers with A/F ratio before and after? Or do they affect the A/F at All? Thats my only draw back from installing them. I have never had the A/F checked with the preditor tune and I know I would have to get it dyno tuned with these......any thoughts? For under a hundred bucks they are diffinatly on the Want List.
  13. After reading all the post, my preditor does not have the option for the delete, anyone know if I can download one from Diablo?
  14. from my understanding ? if you have the Steeda Predator it has the option for the CMVC plates, axle back exhaust and cold air intake..On the other hand, if you have the standard predator ? you have to purchase and then download a custom tune file into your predator from whoever you buy the delete plates from..:shrug: I would recommend that you ask both Diablosport and Steeda directly
  15. heres the reply I got from Diablosport for anyone who has a preditor

    This is a reply to your question from 2006-10-12 19:37

    CATEGORY: Predator
    QUESTION: [I have a 2005 mustang GT with a C and L CAI and the preditor. Do you have a download that adjust for the FFRP or Steeda Charge Motion Plate Delete Option?]


    Dear Jeff Shaffer,

    A download is not available for this specifically. A custom tune can get this turned off. You can obtain this through any CMR dealer in your area or through our sales department. They can be reached at (877) 396-6614.

    Thank you for your interest in DiabloSport!
    Stay tuned,
    Calvin, a proud member of the DiabloSport Support Team

    looks like you have to pay for it :notnice:
  16. That tune is fine. I ran the canned sct tune with the cmrc's turned off in the tune, and it was just fine. I used that tune for a week or two. I only got the BamaChips tune cause I had $50 burning a hole in my pocket LOL
  17. I will be installing them sometime this week.
  18. also, pro mod did the plates change your wot a/f ratio. i do have a wideband, but just wondering.
  19. I think I am going to buy these and let them sit for awhile. I have a feeling Ford is going to up the price of these in the not so distant future.