Ford Racing CMVC Delete under $100

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  1. I'm referring to only peak numbers; I can compare numbers across the board and look for the improvements overall.
  2. I threw them on today, felt a little stronger through the gears. Great mod for the $$
  3. they're on the way..:D
  4. Got a set coming too. I'd also love those directions!

    Thanks man!!!
  5. rocky, send them to me and i will host them and post the instructions here.
  6. I'll be sending them to bigcat, he'll be able to host and put em up on the website directly..:nice:
  7. I'm e-mailing them to you now and thanks..:D
  8. i have the instructions hosted here on :SNSign: so we dont have to worry about them being unavailable. much more reliable than other hosting sites. :nice: there are 4 pages, and each has its own link. you can move the mouse over the pic and an icon comes up in the lower right corner to view fullsize if needed.
  9. the new Comp Cams FAST 3V intake manifold looks like it will have deleted the CMCVs in the assembly. With longer and larger intake runners, they claim gains of 40 hp.
  10. we will see after they have been released and tested. there is another thread about the intake. we need more info on it!!!
  11. Mertoplex ? can you be a bit more specific ? I looked all over the Comp Cams website and couldn't find anything listed on FAST 3v intake mainfold anywhere :shrug: so where did you find it listed under ??
  12. debuted at SEMA

  13. this is what im waiting for, ill skip the cm deleteplates.
  14. Are the delete plates included with this intake, or do you have to purchase them separately ??:shrug:
  15. they are built into it (deletes), at least it looks like that from the pic
  16. once we get more information on the intake, we will have a solid answer. we are merely speculating at this point.